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The Miami Broward Carnival Committee has made a mistake and decided to add REAL jouvert for the Miami/Broward Carnival events lineup. *This is the closest I've seen when coming to traditional jouvert excepting when jouvert was jouvert in Brooklyn. It will not be in an enclosed venue like a club but out in the open at Broward Regional Park. It will however be from 7am to 1pm and not early enough in the morning for the sun to still be down but say what?! Iz jouvert!!!  This is the band I will be with and YES, I'm jumping on the ball because their first mistake was having a jouvert. The next mistake was allowing Giselle D Wassi One and Island Gems to team up with one another. This duo will mash up the poor park and there will be NO BEHAVIOR!!! I for one will be there to help with the bacchanal. I could see it now, after we're done with jouvert in that park, there wont be a jouvert for 2013. Hope to see you there!!!!

(954) 625-5668
(954) 695-8939
(786) 712-7190
(954) 687-3215
or just fill out a registration form HERE



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