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I had the pleasure of speaking with someone who FINALLY shed some light on the Miami Carnival 'situation'.  I shared some DEEP concerns with the whole process of it all and now I think some of those answers have sunken in and made sense. To me anyway.

From what was explained to me, the carnival WILL NOT, I repeat, WILL NOT be taking place on the road. Music/drink trucks are expected to be INSIDE the Sun Life Stadium by 9am. Any truck expecting entry any time after will be turned away. Masqueraders are also encouraged to be at the stadium for that time. Masqueraders who show up after the allotted time WILL NOT be turned away but may have to deal with delayed entry which may cause some confusion and aggravation on their own parts. The reason for this process makes sense (once broken down).  Let me educate you a little bit.  The committee, not the public, understands that bringing this carnival to Miami/Broward costs money. It is NOT free. Lets face it, this is AMERICA!!! Once the parade is held in the streets, who benefits?  This is ultimately a competition and it's the committee who has to pay the winners.  It's just THAT simple. I understand that we as masqueraders don't too much care about who wins and money received but this entire parade is really a competition and those who enter, enter to be compensated. Now if all those who do NOT play mas are reveling (for free) on the road, enter the park with their band of choice and continue to have a time (for free), how will the elected Band Of The Year, King and Queen of the band, panorama bands, etc get paid? Contrary to popular belief the committee isn't comprised of a group of rich people but of a group of people just like you and me.  Where do you think all that money is coming from?  If the Federal Government is all tapped out what would make the committee any different?  So, with that being said, NONE of the festivities will be outside of the stadium.  If any music truck plays music outside of the stadium and cause a diversion they will most likely be FINED and/or SHUT DOWN.  I hate to say it but most people want things free and free for you raises the bill for those responsible for the event. Support the carnival!!!! Pay to play!

There is great, good and bad news to report.  The bad news is the committee (as of now) will be charging $25 at the 'door' (maybe more when that time comes) for EACH person to enter the stadium on 'Carnival Day'.  There were $10 and $15 early bird tickets available online. More bad news. Those tickets are long gone. Presently, only $20 early bird tickets are available. If by now you have decided to NOT play mas, you should purchase your tickets HERE and click on the 'BUY TICKETS' tab ASAP. Good news is, if you are a masquerader that gets to the park by 9am, you will be allowed to park on the grounds for FREE! *You all know how much of a headache that parking fee is.

The parade route is below. Looks like we won't be circling the park like lab rats after all and we will get a nice jump!  Hope to see you there!
I think once people purchase their tickets in advance, come to the carnival expecting to have a good time everyone will be happy. When coming to think about it, 9am isn't bad at all. When people play mas in little Trinidad don't you wake up earlier than that for not only 1 day but 2? Especially carnival Monday, who actually sleeps the night before? Aren't you busy in somebody Jouvert band? Consider it the same thing. After all, who's really coming to South Florida that week to sleep?!?! To those still angry about the time:




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