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          I have decided to stop with the blog entries and wasn't even going to Trinidad for carnival in 2014!

         Concerning the blog posts, the decision was made in November 2012 and I was holding my guns.  Thing is, I've tried to stop with the blog entries but there was always someone whispering in my ear.  Who doesn't know that I love expressing my opinions?  I do it without the stresses of the classroom. Meaning, I post straight, I post just how I feel, I don't edit, spellcheck or think about grammatical errors.  I have to think about that enough as a student. Once as the information I have is getting across, whether how little or big. Good news or bad, I tell it or show it.  What I didn't want was to start becoming the person I was turning into.  I would post just about anything I heard about what's going on in this band or that and that's NOT me!  Being informed is flattering and I'm appreciative but not everything is a story.  Not every bit of gossip should be shared.  If you came to this blog looking for that, you've reached the wrong place.  I assure you, you won't have to look too far to find that kind of bacchanal.  I will go back to being what I started off being, a woman who loves mas, love carnival and will play wherever I see fit, once as that doesn't interfere with school or my family.  There were LOTS of things that went on from November until now, so I will be doing a little catch up.  I have thoughts on my favorite band in Trinidad, *Island People Mas,  thoughts on the female you did a YouTube video on Fantasy, Wassi Ones Mas band in Miami, Island Gems Mas, Something Jouvert in Miami, the goings on with Generation X and their band launch, NAKED and its 13th anniversary celebration and much much more.  Just stay tuned and be patient!

Oh and by the way, the music for 2013 was good and all but it wasn't great. Previous years had me more excited so I WILL be going next year.  I don't care about all the people who didn't believe me, I really did make the decision to hang up the headpiece but I'll hang them up Ash Wednesday 2014.....



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