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I was the target of some BS over the weekend.  Poor me.  Evidently I entered a blog post that repeated what damn near EVERYONE in the industry already thinks, thought, says or said but I guess me saying it was wrong. I was accused of slander and making false accusations.  I was called all kinds of things but a child of God and after the initial anger, I found it rather funny.  I never saw the original post because I didn't care to see it.  Screenshots don't only work for 'them' but for 'us' as well.  The person went off on Facebook, the person is not my Facebook friend, never has been.  My method of handling situations is to go directly to the source.  Not to throw words through Facebook ESPECIALLY if the person I'm supposedly throwing words for, isn't my Facebook friend.  I was accused of slander and making false accusations but the real issue with me had nothing to do with what I actually posted on the entry.  If John Public took time to actually READ and didn't take CHAIN UP by friends/associates they'd be able to pay closer attention.  Should that have happened in this case, they would have seen that they were not the 'target' of anything and this was carefully constructed by 'who we shall not name'.  Me being called a ghetto rat and needing to get a personal trainer was so far from the truth that I'd consider THAT slander, false accusations AND defamation of my character.  If there was anything else, I wouldn't know.  I don't get into mudslinging or petty name calling.  The whole ugly truth will come out because as simple as I am, I'm a CHILD OF GOD and what happens in the dark, ALWAYS comes to light. 

I have said it before and I will say it again:  I started this simple blog for friends and family.  I created it to have a friendly vibe.  Not to start any bacchanal or confusion.  Sometimes the truth hurts and people get angry but that is no issue of mine.  I do not care about stats and numbers, this blog is NOT how I am validated! My validity comes from my loving family, amazing friends and a life that I wouldn't trade for the WORLD! This blog wasn't created to bring any fame or publicity my way.  I do not get any perks, money or special favors for writing ANYTHING.  Period!  Anyone who knows me, knows that.

The whole ordeal is over.  Not with an apology *on either part.  No admission of any mix up *on either part or anything civil like that. After a couple messages, it ended with a simple statement pertaining to hands washing of idle chatter *lol and not having time to continue because they had better things to do.  I was given a blessing of prosperity and I hope that is the end of it....... 



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