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Those who have not been keeping up with the local Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach County news may not have known that the Sun Life Stadium was in desperate need of repair.  Miami wanted to host Super Bowl 50 but the game could not be held in the Sun Life Stadium unless all $350 million in repairs were completed. The fact that these renovations needed to be done in time for the Super Bowl meant there would be bad news for the Caribbean community that rely on that same stadium for Miami Carnival.

Well, Miami lost the bid and the 50th Super Bowl will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area and Houston will be hosting the year after that.  So, I guess we're safe for the carnival huh?

This news may suck for Miami football fans but this news is EXCELLENT for partakers of the Miami Broward Carnival Parade of Bands. I really wish I could tell you I wasn't happy but I can't, I am ecstatic.



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