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The one weekend that I should have stayed in and watch the TRIBE/BLISS Two Band One Launch via live stream, was the same weekend I decided to step out.  Most would and have said that it was on purpose because of my unconditional loyalties to ISLANDpeople Mas but who has time to argue?  

I attended the Miami Broward One Carnival Band Launch for the first time and it was just as expected.  There was a semi-circle of booths with costumes, pictures of costumes, music played by a DJ, live pan, food and drinks on sale at the Sun Life Stadium.  I wasn't there to take pictures or to publicly talk about costumes afterward but to simply spectate and support my good friends, some family and take registrations for our baby, Something Jouvert.  I did however leave with some lasting impressions.

Carnival Nationz I didn't see them and their absence left a bitter taste in my mouth seeing as I would have liked to see as much as I could on that one night. I know they're bringing a band this year but hey, maybe they stayed home to watch the TRIBE/BLISS band launch as well.
D-Junction Mas has brought it!  They showed 3 of their 4 sections and the crowd was impressed *as expected.
Freaks Mas seemed to put all they had into their New York band because the costumes weren't as nice.  
Wassi Ones Giselle not only MC'd the event, she showed 3 sections of her band and the costumes were also very pretty.  I wasn't given a lot of time to see them because just her band is last on the road, hers was the last to display costumes on Saturday.  I didn't catch the names of the sections and the costumes didn't get to soak in because Ms Wassi Giselle invited everyone, whether you were a model or not, in a costume or not to come on the stage. E-ver-y one. It became a blurr.
Generation X SMH. Greg.... JP. What can I say about your Miami Miami? That allyuh takin win again for 2013? Generation X is the biggest band, they have the most sections, all sections are full, every costume is prettier than the last and DJ PRIVATE RYAN! 

All in all, Miami Broward Carnival mas bands have taken it up a few notches. They aren't on Trinidad and Tobago or Brazil status but I have seen a dramatic change for the better in the last couple years.  What used to be a place that didn't focus on the "go big or stay home" aspect of costuming has certainly conformed.     



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