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Greeting Fantasizer,

Fantasy Carnival 2014 - Secrets of the Deep is here!

After a successful band launch on Saturday night, we are now gearing up for registration.

For those of you who missed the update, we have a new lunch rest area. Can you guess where from the picture?
(Picture of savannah was inserted here)

We will also be introducing our 1st Lap on Carnival Monday:
(Picture of the flyer was inserted here)

Registration for 2014 will begin on Tuesday 30th, July and will be held at our mas camp, located at #3 Alfredo Street, Woodbrook. For the month of August our opening hours are as follows:
Monday to Friday - 4:30pm to 7:00pm
Saturday - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
We are closed on public holidays.

All masqueraders visiting the mas camp to register must be in possession of a registration invitation. These are available from all Fantasy committee members.

Down payments on costumes are TTD$2,000.00 for backline and male costumes, TTD$3,500.00 for frontline. Costume prices will be available at the mas camp during registration. Please remember that we accept CASH and LINX ONLY, payment by credit card or personal cheque is not available.

Thank you!

FANTASY Carnival Team.
3 Alfredo Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad

I read some good and bad from the email.  I am in no way going to touch the exclusiveness of Fantasy Mas. What I WILL say concerning that is I do NOT give Fantasy wrong. They are targeting a select few and they have every right to do so.  They have said that from DAY ONE! The repetitive moans and complaints are old and have gotten nothing changed for the moaners and complainers.  My advice is to decide on playing mas in another band, prepare to beg, borrow or steal an invitation, wait for a resale from Fine Ah Band or get friendly with the right people!!! Those options have been the ONLY options from this bands INCEPTION so stop acting like it's new and please, GET OVER IT!


  • A new lunch spot has been organized.  *good job
  • Registration will be up in less than a week of the launch. *impressive


  • Invitation only registration/entry has not been changed as promised to Fantasy masqueraders
  • Linx and cash are the only forms of payment *not convenient for overseas masqueraders
  • No online registration, in house only *not convenient for overseas masqueraders
  • Prices aren't listed for their invited *most times price is the deciding factor in the costume deliberations

Hopefully, this email was rushed.  After all, their band only launched on Saturday and this email followed Sunday night/Monday morning. There are many questions and lots that need to be explained.



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