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With there being no live feed of ISLANDpeople Mas' band launch last night, I had to wait for pictures and videos to surface on social networks.  Shortly after 10pm, pictures started popping up all over Facebook.  At first I was VERY worried because the first set of pictures I saw were posted by ISLANDpeople Mas themselves on their Facebook Page.  One would think the best pictures of ISLANDpeople Mas' costumes would come from ISLANDpeople Mas but no, they weren't. Pictures posted by them were  not clear, there was poor lighting, no close up shots and missing sections.  In the rush to give the Facebook fans SOMETHING the beauty of the costumes were lost and left me discouraged. It felt as if I was being tortured for not being in NAPA!  Thank God I found this video on the Facebook page of along with some clear pictures.  Then just a few moments ago ISLANDpeople Mas shared the David Wears Facebook Album for some more..



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