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While skimming through the website of Paparazzi Carnival's 2014 Centerstage Sections, I noticed that this ONE costume had no pricing. So I did as was instructed on the site and sent an email.  An explanation of why there was no price listed wasn't answered but in all fairness, I never asked the question.  What I did ask for was a complete breakdown of the offered options along with the prices of each and the following is what I received.

Option 1  Large headpiece and backpack  $1195US
Option 2  Large headpiece without backpack  $895US
Option 3  Tiara and backpack $895US
*Boyshorts and other special requests can/will be done on an individual basis. Pictures will follow..

This section is completely frontline, they are dealing with NO backline.  There will be a limited amount of space, 30/40 people tops. The options are pretty cut and dry, you either choose to play in a large headpiece with or without a backpack or a tiara with a backpack. I love the fact that along with these options you can choose whichever body type shown. *Either the monokini or the "sexxi bikini".  Those of you women that choose the "sexxi bikini", I WANT PICTURES! Cause I don't have that kind of belly, literally.  It is sexy but that kind of sexy would lead to my divorce.

As far as pricing, I find it to be fair (once compared to the other sections within the band).  It is higher but there are only three sections with backpacks in Paparazzi and of the three, the largest backpack belongs to Spotlight Envy and the large headpiece is a nose hair shorter than THREE FEET!  Let's face it, one of them had to be the cheapest and another had to be the most expensive. Well, here's the most expensive!

For all registrations can contact:
Trudy Young (561) 445-7966
Nigel Alfred (754) 246-8058

Niki Nelson (868) 351-9610

Faiza Perry (832) 881-7204

and you can always email



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