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This was a note writing by my 'Aunty Debbie'.  I'm sharing it hoping that it's an inspiration to ALL..  She wrote this as her spirit lead her to, so excuse the typos and errors but hey, who's judging.  As long as you get the point, we'd be happy.

As Women We Need To Stop Exploiting Ourselves In The Name Of Love

September 29, 2013 at 4:21pm

It's a proven fact in life we as women sell ourselves short, when it comes to loving a man and believing to our self we deserve to be loved back, because we giving our love to this man. Then, some us of knowing we see dealing with a man, and a "player", at that!!!!!
Then we tend to claim that man as, "That's My Man", and I don't care. (Just a scenario), what or who he's with he's mine. We need to listen to ourselves, ask yourself a question, or create a personality within oneself , " Am I so self indulgent not to care about myself", to claim this man is mine but in the same breadth this same man denying your claim of him, that he's not your man.
We have to start loving ourselves and start believing in ourselves to conquer that insecurity that we have to claim a man as "My Man".
I have been there can't tell the last day, month or year anyone who has been in contact with me have ever heard me claim a man as " That's My Man". GOD IS MY MAN. HE I PLACE MY TRUST, HE'S THE ONE I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT LEAVING ME, HE'S WHOM I FEAR AND HE IS WHO I BOAST ABOUT THAT THE ONLY MAN I CAN SAY WITH BOLD ASSURANCE , HE IS THE MAN AND MY MAN.
So ladies please stop trying to make other women out there seem desperate and insecure that they have to reach to the next level if sending idle threats that,"I am not leaving him because he belongs to me" Ladies there is a man shortage but there that doesn't mean because some of us are " Hungry Bitches We Have To Claim A Dog's Bone as ours. Be careful what you ask for in life you might just get it, Because Karma is a bitch!!!!!!.
FYI I LOVE MYSELF, I CAN SATISFY ME AND I KEEP ME COMPANY. Sometimes when we say God we have to mean it and stop calling his name in vain. God don't fail us we as women sometimes fail ourselves.
"THAT'S WHY WHEN THEY SEE MEH THEY HAVE TO LEAVE MEH ALONE". I have no insecurities and no fear of man.

Blessup Ladies.




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