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This email speaks for itself. This lady has made it her business to send this email to the ENTIRE board of Miami-Broward Carnival.  All Caribbean bloggers, the person who is renting them the venue and DJ's or people who will be working the SCORCH event. Wow....

In 2013 it's sad that as West Indians we can not stick together in a world that is falling apart. In a time made to celebrate  unity  its been brought to my attention that its our very own that is trying to keep us separate. Miami carnival is less than 2 weeks away and Scorch has been become a staple for party goers because of their reputation in other places  , but this year you have to select a committee member to get a ticket.  Weird, being last year it was simply first come, first served. Luckily for us being fans of, Dwayne Pitt gave his website viewers permission to select  his name as a committee member in order to get tickets for Saturday night . Picture below: 
Me and 7 of my friends registered over a week ago with and it told us thank you for registering and approval will be sent via email. As of today September 30, it hasn't happened. Then on Friday, September 28th one of our friends asked us what parties we will be attending for Miami Carnival. We told her and we explained to her we are still waiting for Scorch tickets and she will have to register and wait like everyone else but use Dwayne Pitt as a committee member. She did it. She was approved in less than 24 hours. Me and my friends all checked our inbox and spam to see if we were approved as well...nothing. I instantly  said what I was thinking for some time, discrimination. Our friend who was approved is Indian. She has an "Indian name". So I tested my theory. I made another one of my Indian male friends register and my male black friend register at the same time on September 29th using the same committee member; Dwayne Pitt . My Indian friend was approved in less than 12 friend nada. I then went and made a FAKE account using an "Indian name".  It's been a week and I have not heard back regarding tickets under my real name , but my fake account was approved same day for 5 tickets when the max is 4!!!!
Im writing to let Scorch committee members know, you are in America now and to leave that unprofessional bullshit elsewhere. I won't be shock if there is an increase of "approvals" for this party to people who's last name are NOT Singh, Patel, khan, etc because of this letter but I do want Scorch committee members to know in a state where a young man was shot walking home in the rain simply because he was black, we have  zero tolerance for Caribbean people secluding themselves from OTHER Caribbean people because of the color of their skin. In a time when the Caribbean celebrates together as one, you decided to separate friends from partying together based on NAMES. I have no clue if the rest of the committee members are playing the same game as Mr. Pitt, but what I do know is that he is a reflection of organization and what I see reflecting is unprofessional garbage. 

Zero Tolerance

Reasons like these are PRECISELY why I REFUSE to play in certain mas bands or go to certain parties/fetes.  I will not stand for what people are calling "unprofessionalism".  It is not called "unprofessionalism", it is RACISM!!! If I would have gotten that email, it would have to be deleted and I'd be finding somewhere else to go for that time period.  I don't know what's more sickening, the fact that they're doing things like this or the people who KNOW they're doing this and will be partying comfortably when that day comes. We are in the year 2013 when will people WAKE UP?! SMH



  1. That's simple ignorant! I would definitely have to say that itmaybe that paricular member. I went through another member and didn't have an issue getting approved for my tickets. By the way, I have an American name.

  2. I believe that she is speaking of this one individual member because I know others who have gotten in/approved. I wouldn't know beyond that as I do not partake in these types of gatherings.

  3. The service for tickets was great as usual I have no idea what these people talking about. Last year Scorch and Spice cooler fete was great and the events in Trinidad always good. The promoters in Miami historically resort to very dirty tactics. Like the year one promoter rented all the venues in town to block others, so this issue should be viewed with a grain of salt. P.S the Scorch CEO is African

  4. I am glad you think so. Evidently there are others who agree with the author of the email. Whether the CEO is of African descent or not it doesn't matter in the least to me.

  5. People who make money from carnival have different agendas from people who do carnival for fun and an escape from the ups and downs of everyday life. I'm in it for fun and the scorch fetes does be fun, sorry but I can't take this issue to serious, but knock allyuh self out.

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  7. Interesting...after reading this, I just realize 3 of my Indian friends have tickets and me and my cousin still waiting and we all did it the same time using the same committee member !!! I hope they give refunds because they no longer want to attend this racist party!! The logic they using on approving people is foolish..the girl is right ..and here I thinking they was too busy but it's been a week!!

  8. Same thing happened with me and my peeps.
    All "Indian/Spanish/Exotic" SMH, last names were cleared while the Browns, Jones, Felix, etc weren't.
    A friend was able to contact a committee member friend of hers and get us tickets after we weren't approved and a week or so went by.
    I had a feeling the reason we weren't cleared was because they were discriminating, but of course some thought other wise smh.
    I informed the crew of people going together (my best friends family) that I did not want to attend after reading this story AND creating two fake accounts, V. Persaud was cleared M. Johnson was not.
    My friends of course were with me, but their family and friends were not. SMH.
    I was accused of jumping on the bandwagon and of not standing up to Scorch by not wanting to attend the fete. IMO saying I wanted a refund is a better stance than showing up no?
    Anyway, like you said "WHEN WILL PEOPLE WAKE UP?!" ... only when its them being discriminated against, smh.
    This is so disgusting.
    Scorch will NEVER get my money or support ever again.
    Thanks for putting them on blast.
    Some people are afraid to speak up and that's the worst thing you could ever do....
    Any updates about what (if anything) is being done about this?

  9. I just tried using a "indian" type last name. I signed up a few weeks back but no luck yet.



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