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Congratulations are in order for 'Bunji Garlin' for his 2013 hit "Differentology" and Machel Montano for his 2013 "The Fog".  This not only excites me because these two individuals are from 'home' but because it is showing me how far soca music has come.  Soca music doesn't get the airtime nor respect as some of the other musical genres but slowly and surely is creeping into the mainstream.  A decade ago soca music wasn't accepted in cultures other than that of Caribbean descent and to this day, it still has some who have no idea that soca music even exists.  Both men have been working overtime to change that.
What worries me is this.  The award will be given to who they think is deserving of the Best International PERFORMANCE.  I believe Bunji to be a better lyricist HANDS DOWN but what are they looking at when they say PERFORMANCE? Have any of these people watched these men perform anywhere? Have they just glanced some YouTube videos?  What makes them know who the better performer is?  Is this something that the public votes on? Or is this something decided upon by a group of people in offices?  Will all the politricks come into play? There is so much that concerns me about this award but hey, whether it's Bunji OR Machel.  It's a huge win for the Soca community.
(YES, my confidence is high that it will be one of these men).

For the full listing of the Soul Train 2013 nominees you can click HERE



  1. Don't really care who wins because whoever it is TRINIDAD WINS.....but OAN, I'm thankful that they even considered Trinidad in the first place.....



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