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Every 1st Wednesday of the month, you can call for FREE legal advice from a team of recruited attorneys from some of South Florida's most prestigious law firms.  No matter what your legal position or status you can call for help and these calls can be made anonymously. Whether your issue has to deal with a tenant, landlord, malpractice, immigration, custody battles, separations or divorce you can call the number to speak with any of the volunteer attorneys. They're taking out the time to help those less fortunate or people who just can not afford to walk into an attorneys office for whatever reason.  I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity.

The legal team is available for your convenience 6pm-9pm every 1st Wednesday starting TODAY at 305-371-2220.  Please understand that these lawyers are licensed to practice in Florida and can/will give you answers based on FLORIDA LAW but each case is different so just give it a try.  If your case is specific to a different state, they are prepared to give general information of the law and a referral *based on your individual case but you WON'T be turned away.  Make the call!

Good luck and God bless.



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