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A&A Bake & Doubles  located at 481 Nostrand Ave between Hancock and Halsey Streets in Brooklyn, New York, has been rumored to have the BEST DOUBLES IN BROOKLYN.  Sadly I haven't had the chance to hit this doubles spot as yet but will make it in very early in the New Year.  

Interestingly enough, they're accepting payment in cash only BUT you have a choice of paying in USD or in TTD which is unheard of!  This has to be the first business doing this and although it didn't sit well with me when I initally heard it; the idea grew on me.  Many people return (or come) from Trinidad and Tobago that have either forgot money in some clothes or just haven't had an opportunity to spend all of their TTD.  This is the PERFECT place to sell or use all unused TTDs rather than having the money burn a hole in your pocket *or wherever you choose to stash your cash if saving it is what you'd rather not do until your next trip.  
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