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Hey IPeeps,
Our Group Discount Offer ends this coming Monday, so if you are still yet to register, assemble your crew and sign up now to benefit from great cash back savings!
It’s no secret that you have more fun when playing mas with your friends. At IPMas we’re all about More Fun and Real Vibes so we’re happy to have offered this special to you and your team.
In case you forgot, the offer is: groups of 5 persons registering at the same time get $100 TTD off each costume. The discount increases as the group number increases ;) …… (Conditions apply).
Here’s the down-payment info once again:
• Online - 50% of the total cost of the costume inclusive of all additions.
• In House- Backline and Male costumes: $1500.00, Frontlines: $2000.00.
Please note that 50% of additions must be paid upon registering as well.
Online payments must be made using either VISA or Mastercard and payments in-house can be done via Linx, credit card or cash.
For more info, please feel free to give us a call at 1-868-622-8145.
Have a great day!
Island People Mas…More Fun, Real Vibes!



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