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After the days of voting for our own Bunji Garlin for his "Differentology" hit, the last hours of voting became too much for the server to handle and began blocking thousands from voting.  MTV  then took the highest two songs and had a tie breaker.  The new tie breaker poll accrued problems of it's own so MTV allowed additional voting time to be "fair" to all times zones.

What started as simple voting for your favorite artist/song ended up becoming a racially inspired drive. Tension heightened, racial slurs and nasty remarks were being exchanged in the comments box and social media.  Listen.  I don't know if this was some sort of ploy by fans to generate votes or if it was something that just went wrong fast but either way it was negative.  This is NOT the way Bunji would have wanted to win the title of "MTV IGGY Song of the Year" which he respectfully stated here.
With all the racial tension MTV had no choice but to end the 'debate' and declare it a draw.  I don't know about any of you but I see the 'draw' as degrees of losing.  There should have been a rightful winner and there wasn't.  One earned the title and to the other it was given.  So who with this being deemed a 'tie' or a 'draw', who really won?

I will not comment to ALL the people that made this happen but directing this to my Caribbean people.  We need to do better.  We need to come together as one unit, one family and express that 'ONE LOVE'.  This anger that I see spreading throughout the Caribbean community will only end with OUR demise, no one elses.  I feel like we are like the crabs in a barrel only trying to pull one another down and this is seen not only in the music industry but in real estate, job market, carnivals, parties, etc.  It is time to WAKE UP and not only DO BETTER but to DO WHAT IS RIGHT!!!

To read how Bunji felt about this, read HERE.  



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