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MIAMI (January 2014) – On October 13th, 2013 the community, participants and Caribbean culture witnessed the highly anticipated premiere of D-Junction Mas Band in the Miami-Broward One Carnival. Led by Band Leader, Wilfred Armstrong, the high-energy band of over 300 people displayed an array of flare and seduction in their theme “Lost Treasures.” With costumes intricately depicting tempting unfound treasures; the band garnered placement in Top 10; a feat not accomplished by many first time bands.
For 2014, D-Junction Mas Band presents “UNLEASH.” They dare you to UNLEASH your inner animal spirit. Whether shy but slick, wild and aggressive; see participantsUNLEASH the animal “caged” inside at the 2014 Miami-Broward One Carnival.
All masquerades and supporters shall join together for the second year of D-Junction Mas Band. Details will follow.
Sponsorship opportunities are now available. D-Junction Mas is currently looking for models to represent their brand. For sponsorship and model inquiries, please call (954) 478-6873.
D-Junction Mas “THE BAND WITH THE MOST” invites you to explore the Unknown, Unseen, & Untouched!

While other bands are still getting over their Miami 2013 Carnival, Adonis alongside D-Junction Mas has certainly got their beads and feathers ALL together!!!  Until last night, I have NEVER seen a Miami Carnival band announce their theme so soon. *YES, this email was sent out last night!!! From my observations D-Junction Mas came out just as strong and in lots of cases stronger than their competitors who I would say are veterans in this mas business and with their theme being released so early says only ONE thing.  D-Junction Mas isn't going anywhere.  They're here to stay and other bands need to take notice. They haven't rested and are ready to go.  The fact that they are looking for MODELS in JANUARY has my mind BLOWN and I can not wait to see what's in store....

Are you ready to UNLEASH your inner animal spirit or the caged animal inside? The sounds of it has ME READY!!!!



  1. I'm readyyyy to get onnnnnn!
    I played with them in October for their first year and I am not going anywhereeeeee! LOL.
    Ready to UNLEASH!

  2. I want to join dis band for carnival!



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