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It's time to show the world what we are famous for! It's time for VIBES! This year, YUMA and friends are proud to bring something extra to your carnival experience - The SOCADROME

A play on Brazil's Sambadrome, the SOCADROME will be filled with the colorful and electric atmosphere of our masqueraders, costumes, music and media. We aim to bring you at least one free moving, stress-free, MEGA stage experience - the SOCADROME stage!   
The innovation of the SOCADROME seeks to offer you a stage experience where you can revel and ramajay without a five hour wait to cross the stage. No more wondering IF you will cross a stage to be seen by friends, family and media. For 2014, YUMA will be the first to cross this threshold and give you this CIRQUETIFIED stage experience - complete with everything you have on the road.

We are seeking to ensure "mas on the move" as we believe that for too long masqueraders have had to endure hours of waiting outside the QPS to have a mere few minutes on stage. Further, the stipulation that no music can be played in front of Port-of-Spain General Hospital, while understandable, is an absolute buzz-kill for the road. The new venue and concept means: NO long wait ! No more stress! Only VIBES! VIBES! And MORE YUMA VIBES!

The time has come for carnival to evolve and you will be a part of this evolution. Come join us as we make new memories for C2K14.

Get ready to perform! WE ARE CIRQUETIFIED!

YUMA 2014



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