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Saturday night was the night everyone has been been waiting for.  Band launch season for South Florida has begun. I got to the venue at around 11:30 pm to find a line wrapped around the club that was NOT moving really discouraged me and felt as if getting inside the venue would have taken all night.  Hurricane season in South Florida is not exactly the time to be caught in the rain while attempting to get in a club (of all places). At or about 12:30 am the line began to move quickly.  The fee to get inside was $20 but seeing that the line was held for so long, we  were allowed free entry to the club around 12:40am. Waiving that cover charge made me forget about the long wait to get inside because that meant more drinks!

Once inside, I immediately noticed that the vibe was different.  People weren't dancing and letting go like they usually do at Soca Paradise everyone was too excited for the costumes.  The pictures below have been watermarked *for credit and the ones taken at the club can be found at iChunes Entertainment no later than tomorrow.

(Sweet Soca)


(Sexy Samba)
Frontline: $380
Backline: $250
Male: $195

My bet was on Sweet Soca and Sexy Samba, being the first two of the band being sold out and I was correct.  As of now, Sweet Soca is COMPLETELY SOLD OUT but if you move soon enough or have a body part, limb or a first born child, something MAY be worked out for you and my favorite Sexy Samba is moving quickly.  I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of the day, they slap a 'SOLD OUT' sticker over this entire section as well. As previously stated, I believe that Sexy Samba takes win!

(Swan Lake)
Frontline: $390
Backline: $260
Male: $195

Frontline: $385
Backline: $250
Male: $195

Frontline: $380
Backline: $240
Male: $195

No information can be given on this rumored 'invite only/special' section.  It is also rumored to be the section belonging to Trini Mafia.  Both rumors I can confirm are NOT TRUE. The registration process is the same for this section as it is for all the others.  Truth is, this section was added late due to the overwhelming response to the band overall.  With Richard and Anthony being the sole designers and producers of this ENTIRE 2014 presentation 6 sections were simply not enough.

Attendants of the band launch were privileged to receive an early bird discount of 10% off their costume and a packaged deal to play mas with Dutty Pleasures Jouvert.  For others interested in registering, registration is being done online for your convenience at Euphoria Mas' website with deposits of $100.

Everyone who plays in both Euphoria Mas and Dutty Pleasures receives a discount!

After the display of costumes, the crowd minimized and the fete continued in the regular Soca Paradise fashion.  All in all, a really good night.  Euphoria Mas has done well and with an entire section to be sold out in less than 24 hours, that's EXCELLENT!!.  Keep up the good work!  NEXT STOP, GenX/Red Antz Jouvert on June 28th!



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