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I've been around for years, so I can remember when Generation X made their name with the infamous jouvert parties in Miami.  So imagine my excitement when I heard that the jouvert launch was going to be an actual jouvert party. The thought process was this, Generation X has jouvert parties down packed, then Red Antz Miami has their jouvert on lock.  So the collaboration of these titans on Saturday would only prove to be an experience like no other.  I had my doubts that the jouvert party wasn't going to be a real jouvert party but just in case, I dressed for the occasion.

The band launch was advertised to start from 5 to 11pm, this seemed (to me) to be more than enough time to enjoy the event.  So from early the decision was made to get to the venue for 7/7:30.  So planned, so done, I was walking into the park around 7:15.  While walking to the entrance, I saw no line.  No line to such a heavily promoted party seemed odd so it led me to believe that inside was empty and my arrival time was still too early but that wasn't the case at all, the line was just flowing.  The people in the front just knew how to search, divide and process patrons who paid online from those who had tickets and paying cash, the listed, forgotten to be listed, etc. With all the complications that I've witnessed in the short time I was at the front of the line, I commend them.  Everything was handled efficiently, quickly and professional. *GREAT thing.  After my name was checked off, I was given my cup and told "try to stay clean".  This was the first red flag.

Walking in, patrons were greeted with what appeared to be a normal, sun blocking shed but no, it was rigged with pipes that sprayed water.  Red flag #2.  From this point, I was no longer two minds about anything.  I was now completely aware that they were dead serious about this being a full jouvert event and staying completely clean was out of the question.  By 8:30, I hadn't met any of my friends yet the following picture was my condition.  I was literally a complete mess within an hour of walking into the jouvert.  Here's the proof...

Unlike the actual jouvert band, there were two bars.  In the jouvert band there will be one bar and it will be all inclusive.   This was a party however and this party had The Inclusive Bar and the Premium Bar.  Inclusive came with your beers and unlimited liquor while the Premium had your top shelf liquors for a nominal fee. Naturally the majority of patrons flocked to the Inclusive Bar and there was always a crowd.  The wait for a drink however was 2 to 3 minutes tops.  The bartenders did extremely well at rotating the crowd. The masses were able to get drinks quickly and return to their madness of choice.  The music was on point! With the DJ lineup, I expected nothing different.  Besides the display of sections, there was never a 'chill moment', the party kept moving and the vibes were endless. While the sun was up powder and paint was distributed to anyone with a hand.  This continued until sundown.  I am not sure exactly why it stopped but anything beyond that would have been unnecessary, so that was a good call.  The colored water and paint were sprayed through all sorts of gadgets and paint cannons throughout the night from in front of the stage area which was also nice.  It gave the people who have had enough the option to stop while it allowed the others who couldn't get enough, to keep it going.

GenX RedAntz Jouvert displayed a total of EIGHT sections!!! Yes, 8!!!  This band has the MOST sections in a jouvert band.  Have I seen any other jouvert band lauch? No.  But come on, who will have more than 8? As sections came out, I kept saying to myself that THIS ONE had to be the last one, but no, the models kept on coming!! Excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken with my phone while in a Ziploc bag, but we have:
Section #1 
The Main Section brought to you by GenX Red Antz Miami

Section #2.
Island 360 brings to you Gyalavantz

Section #3.
Brought to you by Annie-Ymogul is Bachac

Section #4
Brought to you by Debby and Gail is Mad Antz

Section #5.
Brought to you by Avion is Fyah Antz

Section #6
Brought to you by Sheldon Republic is Wild Antz

Section #7
Brought to you by Motions is Army Antz

The 8th and Final Section displayed
Brought to you by Lime Miami/ is Lime N Antz

WOW,  that's a lot of Antz! I love how each of the section names pertain to ants but the different colored tees is unnecessary.  From personal experience, the different colors complicate things.  It is a brilliant idea as far as organizing and planning it out at a committee table but on the road, the different color tees make other masqueraders almost unrecognizable to one another and a bit confused when initially trying to locate their band.  It's also harder for the bartenders to decipher who belongs to the band and who doesn't.  Just a little word of advice, decide on one color with something uniformed on the front of your tee then place whatever you'd like on the back.  Whether it be the name of the section or a logo, stick to one color tee.

At or about 10pm, just when I was going to ask about the tassa they promised us, there it went.  TASSA!!!! The tassa drums started rolling in the distance and we were asked to join the tassa on our way out.  Although it was (by now) only about 10:20 when I got to the entrance/exit where the tassa was, I was GOOD! If I (or anyone I was with) would have continued on til 11 as expected, the entire evening would have been a blur. It was perfect timing and the perfect ending to a perfect, incident free jouvert party and if ANYONE says different, they're lying or fit in to the category of one that just can not be pleased.

(orderly, incident free crowd)
***Registration is officially open for Gen X Red Antz Jouvert and can be made at Red Antz Miami or Generation X Miami. Discounts will be given to jouvert masqueraders who are also registered to play mas with Generation X in 2014.

For more information contact:
Junior (954) 213-5557
Danielle (954) 638-5978
Gregory (954) 444-6789



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