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In what was rumored to be a strike yesterday, the media is calling what happened an unfortunate  'sick-out'.  Call it what you must but his is MY BLOG and although the rights of American citizens are being devalued as much as the American dollar, I still have the right to state my opinion.  I believe the pilots have had enough and they are striking in a technical way by conveniently 'calling out' sick.

This was the Media Release from Caribbean Airlines yesterday.  The call outs of the pilots resulted in numerous flight delays and cancellations both locally and internationally.  This same press release was posted on Caribbean Airline's Facebook page and these were some of the comments made to Caribbean Airlines.

Consumer  posted:  "Seems there is JET BLUE-ITIS going around.  Good to know that it's not only the loyal passengers over the years that have been treated like dogs. We the passengers make the airline, not the other way around. Killing us with high prices to fill greedy pockets is now seemingly coming back to bite you on all fronts! This is just the start... Chapter 11 is coming soon"!

Caribbean Airlines replied with:  "H Nigel, we would not overcharge our customers for any of our services. That wouldn't be a wise or ethical business decision. Thank you for reaching out to us. We are working to resolve the issue in the quickest possible time".

The consumer shut it ALL down by saying:   "Then why all of a sudden as soon as Jet Blue introduces fares that are below 500usd, does Caribbean lower their prices below 500usd. I have been flying Caribbean for 34 years and in the past 10 years of flying, there has never been a flight from JFK to Trinidad below 500usd. SHAME! Seems to me that the competition is the direct cause of your reduced fares all of a sudden. CAL knows what they have been doing the public. It represents the poor leadership plaguing out sweet country right now. Greed and power. I will never fly Caribbean again as long as there are other options like Jet Blue out there. My days of insane delays and mechanical problems while in the air and dealing with disgruntled flight attendants is over now thank God".

There was no response from Caribbean Airlines afterward.  Barbados' 2014 Cropover is from June 28th to August 4th.  Hopefully everything works out by then.



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