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A little birdie has told me that
Jouvert for Miami Carnival is getting sticky!  

Dutty Pleasures J'ouvert band "Where Messy Meets Sexy" have been carefully reviewing section requests for their band. They have been in talks with many different teams/crews and are being very selective on who they will 'except'.   YES, EXCEPT!!!  According to my insider, "It's important to the Dutty Pleasures Committee not to disrupt the dynamic and stick to the 'quality not quantity' of the masqueraders j'ouvert experience". My insider went along saying that "we are not blood suckers that accept just any and everyone, we are a Premium All Inclusive J'ouvert Band that is focused on the revelers experience - one wine at a time".

SO, who gets in you wonder? Of course Euphoria Mas is involved and as we seen on the @DuttyPleasures Instagram that they recently announced Toronto, Canada based Hause League. Next up is the powerhouse people of MOKSHA who have been itching to invade Miami with the Moksha concept.  For those of you who do not know about MOKSHA, it is one of the top New York fetes involving mud, paint and alcohol. Along with MOKSHA comes Marcus Crew, D Restless One also Miami's own Trini Maifa. So this Dutty Pleasure J'ouvert will be a force to be reckoned with this Miami Carnival. Their arms are reaching out to DC, ATL, NYC, Trinbago, Toronto and reportedly, more cities to come!  
Call Ravi Rav at 9545791249 
Instagram @RaviRav @Duttypleasures 
Register at Euphoria Mas' Website 



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