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I've been keeping up with this story for the last three months because it just seemed so sad.  Whether you are one of the ones who believe this young soul failed at the attempt of taking her own life or a drug overdose, either way it is extremely sad.  Father Bobby Brown was a special guest at a Maze featuring Frankie Beverly concert on Saturday in Dallas, TX and said "Bobbi is awake.  She is watching me".  The video was captured and released on TMZ.

The words 'she is awake' sound hopeful but in the same breath, him saying that 'she's watching me' is really broad.  Vague if you will.  That could mean a whole array of things which can range from awake and just too weak to speak all the way to her being in a vegetative state.

She has been moved to an undisclosed location in March for her rehabilitation while some family members seem to have left the entire situation in God's hands.  Although driven completely by faith, it doesn't sound as though they're too positive.  Hopeful yes, positive no.

Let's all remember to keep her and her family in our prayers.



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