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The newest challenge to hit the mainstream is the "Kylie Jenner's Lip Challenge".   This challenge is done by sealing your lips with a shot glass and sucking for as long as you can stand.  Once you release your lips from the glass, what literally pops out are a pair of over plumped puckers. If the blow fish effect is what you're going for, then this lip plumping technique is definitely for you.  For the less daring, I'd suggest an over the counter lip plumper that actually give you an estimated time of "plumped lips".  From watching a series of videos on YouTube some of the participants had no idea of when the swelling would go down.  What bothers me about this challenge is that most of these children attempting to do it aren't even doing it to plump their lips.  They're doing it for 'likes' and approval on social networks.   "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge" is a FAIL just like the rest of them.

I challenge all these young people who evidently have way too much time on their hands to do the "A Honor Roll Challenge" every quarter, the "Perfect Attendance Challenge" or better yet, the "Find Different Ways To Make My Parents Proud Of Me Challenge".  Parents, I know it's hard. I know. I've raised my twin sisters, four children of my own and two of my cousin's children, so I know the struggle of raising children. I also feel for the ones who have a limited support system or doing it all alone but the time is NOW to get properly vested in your children.  Get their young minds out of the iClouds and into more positive and family engaged activities!  



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