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D-Junction Mas has been rather quiet throughout this whole band launch season but don't sleep on them. They're silent but deadly.  Can you remember their 2015 presentation of "Unleash Your Inner Animal"?  Those costumes gave me serious costume envy.

Their band launch will be on the 13th of June and it seems like even they can not contain themselves because they gave a glimpse of what's in store yesterday evening. I'M seeing a gold bra with purple beading, a royal blue bead/stone with rhinestones all around.  A confusing iridescent bead/stone with spots of iridescent glitter or is it just me?  Let us not forget the purple and orange feathers which could be hanging from a backpack, shoulder piece or headpiece. After seeing downward facing feathers in Jijinn as part of Jamborii Mas' pieces, I believe that anything is possible.

In two weeks we will all know for sure.  I can't wait!



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