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This is a first.
I had to ask permission to write this post.  Along with the permission came very strict instructions.

I can only mention that this is a must not miss event.  I can not say whether it is a fundraiser, band launch, fete, night time, day time, any performers, hosts, DJ's or who will be bringing the event to you.  What I can say is that the date of this event will be Sunday the 12th of July, 2015.  As simple as that was, that happens to be a clue.  The bar has been raised.  Lord help me because that was also a clue.  The last thing that I can tell you is that change is good and sometimes it is all about your circle.

In the words of the event holder, "it's going to be a movie.  Don't believe me, just watch.".  I promise, as I am given the green light I will publish the post.  (Seeing as it's already written and ready to go). Stay tuned.



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