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There is no doubt about it!  There is some very fishy business going on when coming to the artiste that I shall not mention only because it seems as though no one is allowed to say or promote the artiste by name.  Over the past couple months, I've been looking for the whereabouts of this artiste before appearances and it just never works out.  The persons picture or name appears nowhere on flyers or social media but where ever they perform, tickets are sold out!

Up until just recently I've changed my mind and have decided to go to Orlando for carnival.  The secrecy surrounding that artiste was pissing me off (plain talk).  Not because I feel like I need to run him or her down or anything but because I hate secrets and feel I need to figure everything out and it will bother me until I have done so.  So no, I was not going to Orlando until I got this whole thing figured out and I believe I have.

Here's what I've come up with.  Instajam has had a total of three flyers since announcing Instajam Orlando 2015.  The first was posted entirely too early and I didn't give it a second look.  The second flyer (the one with the biggest clues of them all) and then was the third.  Let's inspect flyer number two and three shall we?
In this flyer, you can see that there are two triangles.  A pyramid if you will.  In my opinion, the outer triangle was reserved for the Instajam's secondary acts. While the inner pyramid had strategically placed the main attractions.  There's Angela Hunte, FayAnn Lyons alongside her husband Bunji Garlin and a shadow.  On the shadow we see 'Guess Who"?  Now let's break down these acts.  The ViKing and Queen have had a successful year musically and combined, have numerous songs that can keep the crowd going for some hours well. How can Angela Hunte be placed in that same circle?  Not to discredit her because she has made her mark as a successful producer and song-writer.  She has worked with some of the heavy hitters such as Alecia Keys, Jay Z, Phil Collins, etc.  As a singer, I haven't fancied her work and thought she was a better 'behind the scenes' person but for carnival 2015, the woman put me in my place.  
  • Although the woman has a Grammy Award I doubt that's what qualified her to be in the inner pyramid.  You can't perform with your Grammy Award in hand.
  • The song she came out with for 2015 was a duet.  
  • Without the second person singing along, the song is nothing.  
  • Depending on who you speak with, the Asylum Family comes second to none while others believe they come only second to one.  

In this third flyer, Angela Hunte is still featured as a main act along with Bunji and Fayann.  It actually has her placed above FayeAnn in the top left picture and in the middle, under the words Instajam #SOCA she's placed before FayAnn.  This isn't a coincidence.  They're blatantly telling us that Angela Hunte's performance will be bigger that FayAnn's, no?  The flyer also states that there will be a "surprise GUEST" (singlular) plus many more.  We can go down the list of all the artistes that have had a phenomenal year and compare them to the ones already shown on the flyer.  The only person I could think of that would SHUT DOWN Instajam seems to be the same artiste not be placed on any flyers over the last couple months (at least, that's just how long that I've noticed it).  We will just have to wait and see who that artiste is. Or do we already know?




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