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Thank you Babe Promotions!!!! Giselle's band launch (which is on the 12th of July) was the last on my list of events to attend.  So just when I thought I had nothing to do afterward BOOM, here comes The Bad Boys of Caribbean Comedy!
Aye, I don't know when last I 'laugh til my belly buss' to some good ole Carribean comedy!  I mean, we have locally funny people like Larry Hoe who are naturally funny individuals that we know and love but an actual sit down, formal, comedy show event? Nah, not me.  Never in South Florida.  On Friday, the 17th of July I will be there with bells on and I'm hoping that the crowd is grown, sexy and dressed as such.  I've gotten to an age where I just can't stomach the wildness on a regular basis, I'm trying to behave and reserve all that bacchanal for carnival.  I'm just hoping to sit down, enjoy some laughs and party afterward.
Hosted by one of the funniest people I know Giselle 'D Wassi One', the laughs will be ongoing throughout the show and in between acts.  The afterparty music will be brought to you by DJ Sinistar and Sheldon Republic so I anticipate this night to be nothing but pure comedy and level vibes.  No weak bladder people allowed!
**For more information on tickets, bottle and table reservations,
call (954) 213-5557 or (954) 638-5978. 



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