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D-Junction made a package update that they weren't ready to reveal until recently.  The information was always 'coming soon' and it was only yesterday that I took the time out to actually READ what was being offered in this package.  D-Junction Mas has always said that their goal was to have a band that offered an Ultra Exclusive Carnival Experience and they are seemingly aiming to please.  There is a carnival kickoff party named "iSoca". I admittedly fell off the party scene for a little while now so I can not tell you whether this is a must go event or not but to all who will be playing mas with D-Junction Mas, admission to that event will be FREE!  The All Inclusive Event "FEVER" will also be a free event to all D-Junction masqueraders and this one I can tell you, is amazing!

The costumes, security and park entry are a given as these things go without saying BUT the band is also promising breakfast, lunch and snacks.  The sound system will be SoundRev Media and the DJ's are hands down some of the best which are DJ Barrie Hype, Ryan Sayeed. Jester and Majestic. There will be a goodie bag filled with lots of treats and giveaways and most importantly, a D-Junction Mas' signature cup to accommodate your unlimited liquor.

*I'm not sure if you noticed on the flyer but it says that all Frontline costumes that come with a full headpiece will include a tiara.  That is unheard of!!  This package to date is the best that I've heard thus far seeing as some of these things, I've only gotten in New York and Trinidad.  So far so good D-Junction Mas.  

Just in case you've forgotten what their costumes look like here is a quick wrap up!
Cloud 9




Dream Catchers (all men section)

Playful Summers

Sinful Vanity

  Love Potion
For any and all inquiries and or registration, you can log on to D-Junction Mas' Website and stay tuned as I have some very exciting news from the D-Junction Mas coming soon. 
Sooner than you think!



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