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I have always been honest with my readers.  The review for my Euphoria Mas band launch has been delayed because both the Nikon and Samsung failed me on Saturday and I've been working extremely hard with Euphoria and their geek squad but the sad reality is that most of my close ups could not be salvaged. I still have close ups for you but not as many as I would have liked to have, especially those of the Individuals and the section I refer to as MINE!  This problem doesn't affect Euphoria Mas in any way because I was a witness to all but 4 of their Frontline sections to be completely sold out the night of the band launch.  Please readers, DO NOT rely on what Euphoria Mas' Website says right now, the website can not be updated as quickly as these costumes are being sold.  At the launch an INDIVIDUAL was sold off of a models back (excluding the panty) lol.  Receipt and money were both exchanged.  I told you to get your money up.....

Judging from the crowd of well over 1,000 people, it is fair to say that this band launch was the most anticipated for South Florida's band launch season and thankfully, I've been personally invited and had the time attend.  Up until yesterday I can not lie, every request asked of Euphoria has been granted to me. From day 1 there were no complications from complementary entry (for myself and mother), exclusive sneak peeks (with no leaks I may add to the Euphoria Gods), picture taking access prior to models displaying their costumes and most importantly, their trust!  So going in to this launch was already a positive experience and I couldn't wait to be totally "Uncaged".

Parking and the line:
Parking was a task so imagine my surprise when I saw no line to get inside.  We got to the front and it was almost as if we didn't arrive at the hour we did because there was no line and got inside in less than 10 minutes.  In normal Trini fashion, we were late but didn't suffer for it.

Once Inside:
Once inside I looked for anyone with a Euphoria Mas tee that could take me to the back to see what all this hype was over.    I had my reserved expectations from the minute I heard that the theme would be "Uncaged", I imagined animals.  Birds actually.  The thought of birds came to mind because the infamous duo Richard and Anthony designed the whole band and they are known for what I call 'feddah glory' and they are undoubtedly the "Bling Kings".  Hey, it's Richard and Anthony and I'm sure they can beautify a blasted orangutan but BIRDS were the only 'animals' I thought of.

Back Stage:
Back stage was crazy!!! There was an array of beautiful people waiting to put on their feathered pieces. Wings on the walls, feathers on tables and accessories/bling in plastic bags.  *I was made to understand that every accessory modeled on Saturday night will be coming with the costumes.  What (and who) I didn't expect to see was both Richard and Anthony working like Hebrew slaves getting models dressed. These men worked with the models as if Euphoria Mas was THEIR band.  I don't know if it's the level of pride they have in their work, making sure the pieces were applied/displayed correctly, work ethic or a combination of all but these two were putting models in their pieces and made a point to make sure that each and every feather was pointed in their right places, jewelry was properly placed and the models were flawless.

There are 10 Euphoria Mas sections.  9 of which have been designed by Richard and Anthony. Brazilian Macaw is their hand picked, private section only for their clients. If this is the section you are interested in, an email MUST be made to as the ones offered through Euphoria Mas have already been sold out. 8 sections are open to the general public and the one that is not shown is also a private section.  So private, you can only see it on the road.

Without any further ado, let me start by giving you my 'review' on COSTUMES!!!!  In no particular order we have:
(Golden Canary) *Carib Unity Section

(Frontline Wings)
(Backline bra)
This costume reminded me of Bumble Bee from Transformers with the black and yellow.  After going to the launch, I saw that the costume is actually yellow, black and gold.  It's simple and cute. The fringe hanging off both the bra and panty is where this costume gets sexy.  Golden Canary would be the costume for you if you'd be satisfied with a sexy costume, simple bling and no overkill of feathers. On to the next.

(Wild Parrot)
The necklace fits in perfectly for the Backline.  It enhances the costume beautifully and isn't too much. Nice.
This my friends is a WIRE BRA with cut outs and a rather interesting halter top mixed all in to one but done right.   Ladies, this bra looks great on it's own so if you're an A cup or a D, the beauty of the bra looks good so don't worry if you are not as blessed as this model.  If you can see it, there is also an orange necklace.  This necklace would also come with your costume but I don't suggest you wear it should you be playing in the Frontline.  The halter is enough decoration for the neck.
This is a change.  The placement of this 'backpack' is very flirtatious and I like it.  How many times have YOU seen no backpack but a butpack?  This is different and I'd love to see how the women in this costume "shake their tail feathers".   
Loving the textured look of this beak.  The green gems gives this headpiece life as well.  You can see that attention was made to the details and THIS is what I love about mas.  This headpiece SAYS Wild Parrot!

(Scarlet Ibis)

The Scarlet Ibis also nailed it.  I would have loved to see a massive headpiece but at the launch itself a lady was admiring the Ibis BECAUSE it didn't have a large headpiece.  Although this is unheard of for me, I guess not everyone is like me and doesn't live for a huge headpiece.  The leg pieces in the Frontline completely cover the legs of the model from ankle straight up to the knee (and the model was tall).  If you wear this piece, you'd save money on your boots as your legs will already be decorated.  The backline has a feathered color which is great. Many bands tend to put the Backline Betty's in the same color as the Frontline and reserve all the pretty embellishments for the Frontline. The jewelry modeled comes with the costume.
This was one of the sections I lost getting a picture of this headpiece however was paramount so yes I went boldface as ever to the Euphoria Mas bat cave for my picture!  The HUMMMMMINGBIRD has me singinnngggg!  This is a replica of Ms Universe's costume.  Once worn, you should feel like you've taken part of Trinidad and Tobago's history.  This costume has been done repeatedly over the years in the mas world and by so many different designers and I can not say that I've ever seen a 'bad' one. The beak on this headpiece is what I felt needed to be mentioned.  Ok, we get it... all birds have beaks for the most part but when you're facing this costume dead on, the beak is almost invisible.  I don't think many of the pictures actually SHOW the beak and it's so beautiful, I felt like I needed everyone to see it close up.
Am I the only one who thinks this costume is slaying?  The cape is really thin and flows easily with the slightest breeze.  It's not a heavy cape so it won't hold you down or make you hot.  The sticks that you'd hold on to at the ends of it also helps with the flow.  It's nice and airy. 
(Regal Pheasant)
The Regal Pheasant is a creeper.  It's just like a drink at Wet Willies.  This costume will have serious costume envy on the road, mark my words.  In the professional picture, you can not see the Frontline model's arms and that was a huge mistake.  That is a big part of the costume and you can hardly see it.  So here you go...  
What I loved about this design aside from the feathers is that I observed this model putting on her shoes AFTER already securing on her wings.  With every elbow bend, push or shove of the shoe onto her foot those wings followed her.  It wasn't hard like cardboard the way I've seen some wings in the past.  You'd have to look closely at her arms.  There are two strings, gold in color.  Those strings hold the wings in place and that's it.  Nothing to hold so wearing the wings it literally effortless.  These men thought of everything!

 (with backpack)

(Brazilian Macaw) 

Although this section is completely sold out to Euphoria Mas' customers it is still open through Richard and Anthony ONLY.  As I've said before, if this is the section you are interested in, an email MUST be made to  Just so you know, they have every right to be selective and if you are placed on some sort of waiting list have an alternate option or Plan B because your chances can/will be slim.  Anything's worth a try though, all they can say is no.

After seeing the professional photo, I thought that I didn't care for it because of the cut.  I looked at the crotch of the monokini and said no, no absolutely not!  After seeing the costume in person, I realized that it wasn't the make of the costume at all and it just didn't fit the model properly.  *Wipes brow.
These men killed each and every one of these headpieces.  Which is a win win for me as I have saved all my headpieces for the last 7 years! The jewels used in this particular one actually makes it look like this bird is watching me!  It was so life-like it was almost scary!
My apologies again.  This was another costume that I could not salvage.  I got both the Frontline and backline headpieces and the backline costume.  It's kind of cloudy but this is the ONLY one that I can find on either device.  This was also the costume that RAVI *I had to call you out led me to believe had feathers AND fur.  No fur here but just as some feathers appear to look like fur on birds, the gold colored feathers do just that.

(Birds of Paradise)
also known already as the 
Soca Paradise section

This Birds of Paradise/Soca Paradise or whatever it is Euphoria, Richard OR Anthony want to call it is my FAVORITE!!!!! This happens to be a flick I took while in the Euphoria bat cave that's why that feather is out of place (Richard nor Anthony were there to fix it lol).  AGAIN, I apologize.  Could you imagine that this is my favorite of all the sections and I lost mostly all of the pictures.  Whether I looked at the backline, Frontline or Individual there was no way I could not fall in love.  


(the wingspan of Starling's Individual)

The Frontline and backline are mixed within this last group of pictures.  As a masquerader, you'd be able to tell which is which.   Prior to this launch, I've never heard of a Starling bird.   Here's  a Starling:
The arm pieces for the Frontline is sick!  I don't think I've ever seen this done in Florida before.  I keep looking over these costumes and going back and forth on what I think is the best and why.  It's always between Birds of Paradise and something else so I believe Birds of Paradise takes win!

This is the first time I can say that a carnival band launch has overwhelmed me.  There were only 9 sections to worry about, each with a Frontline, backline and Male.  Some of the sections had individuals.  Only 1 pair of designers and I got a multitude of help from the Euphoria Mas team. Yet it was all just too much.  It really was.   It was way more than I could handle.  Leave it to Euphoria Mas to have my head bazodee! You all know you don't need me because allyuh come like the TRIBE of South Florida now.  (I can't say Fantasy as you are open to the public).  I promise to catch whatever you all come with to the Miami-Broward One Carnival Band Launch where you can bring on my Soca Birds of Paradise.  Yes, I think that is the new name for my section Soca Birds of Paradise.

None of this was in the norm for me so Jose-Ann and Ria, thank you for making me feel welcome as you know, things could have gone wrong quickly.  Cassie,  you're a gem.  A real pleasure to work with.  I thank you for trying to help me get pictures when we both knew nothing much could be done because when something is gone, it's gone.  Mariano, thank you for taking care of me and making me laugh, sometimes that's all you need when things go south and a special thanks to Ravi. I appreciate the trust you had in me not only for 2015 but from day 1!  The sneak peeks could have been better but we all have a job to do.  I do too that's why I had to dig up within my own sources lol.  Under seriousness though, everything started publicly so I will end it publicly.  You made it your business to formally introduce and set the positive pace between Richard, Anthony and myself.  It just goes to show that everyone is grown and can get over past differences. 
Euphoria Mas' Website should be up and ready for registrations as you read but once again, please keep in mind that they are not updating the website as quickly as they are selling.  Don't be upset, it's just not humanly possible.

Should you need me to read and spell it out for you, Euphoria Mas is the band to beat right now. Costumes, they have it.  Vibes, they have it.  Liquor, they have it. Top designers, they have it.  What more they need?  See you on the road Euphoria!



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