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Here we go guys, my favorite mas band in all of Trinidad!!  Some may disagree with me on it being the best but I wasn't put on this Earth to care about their feelings or opinions.People are sadly confusing customer service with pampering. When 'I' play mas, I am not looking to be pampered as if I'm in some blasted day spa, (there are day spa's for that)! There are those who go off on things like that for two reasons. They are either not used to things like that and I call that NEVER SEE COME SEE OR they are a little too used to that and warrant that kind of pampering throughout the year leading up to and including carnival. Well, to each their own.  My belief is that there is a time and a place for everything. Carnival time is a time to free your mind, body and soul. A time to let go, to exhale their inner leggobeast.  Anyway lets.....
 Get ready to Summon the Guardians!
Carnival 2016, experience the new IPmas as we present 'Pantheon.'

Launch details coming soon…

They seem to have a  new catchy logo as well....



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