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When I got to the Miami Broward Carnival Band Launch on Saturday, I noticed that Euphoria Mas was NOWHERE to be found.  A little after 11pm or so, in walks just a couple of Eurphoria Mas committee members.  Mind you, there was nothing in hand.  There were no registration forms or costumes.  The only thing they walked in with were pictures.  Not all, just a handful and not the one that I'm in lust with, my Soca Birds of Paradise.  Out of character for this committee?  Yes it was, as they're usually up front, early and ready for this launch.  After doing some inquiries, I was told that it didn't make sense to show off costumes because "additional costumes are not available" and that the band was "COMPLETELY sold out". This came as no surprise to me as I was present to see not one but TWO INDIVIDUAL costumes sold right off the backs of 2 models the night of the band launch.   

Here's were it gets goooood!  
There were many upset masqueraders who have emailed, called, texted, Whatsapp'd, Facebook'd, you name it they've done it.  The masqueraders expressed rather loud just how dissatisfied they were to have missed their opportunity to register in Fantasy, I mean Euphoria Mas.  Apparently they have listened because I was contacted by someone within the camp just a moment ago.  I was told to get all of my friends (who are not yet registered for Miami Carnival) together and have them ready for tomorrow as Euphoria Mas has a mind blowing announcement to make and everyone needs to stay tuned.  

So tomorrow, stay tuned as I will be dropping A BOMBSHELL!!! 
They never said 'which' friends, they said friends and I consider all my readers, my friends.



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