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Have you gotten your tickets yet? This Sunday July 12th, we inside the Warehouse for the launch of Wassi Ones' presentation of "Dey In It" and Something Jouvert! 2 bands, 1 launch ALL WASSI! Can't wait to see you. Get your $15 advance tickets right now through a committee member, contact one of the phone numbers listed on the flyer posted below or purchase online by clicking HERE.  
Miss it? Yuh mad or wha?!
This launch promises to be pure vibes and pure love so all negativity and stress need to be left at the door! Wassi Ones needs all patrons to turn your "wassiness" and your inner Lucy's on!!

This isn't the best picture but Wassi World Entertainment, LLC has launched in June of 2015.  The first project to launch (with her business partner DJ Stephen) was "Colour Me Crazy" a Carnival Mas Band that debuted in Los Angeles, California.  The project that immediately followed the Mas Band was the debut of "The Run Down" on the TEMPO network.  This talk show gives the 'run down' on all things Caribbean including artists.  Tune in as TEMPO has an app for that!

Giselle has successfully held and holds numerous titles such as Band Leader,  Radio Personality, TV Personality, Breast Cancer Advocate, Promoter, Soca Artiste, Cultural Ambassador, Sister, Mother, Wife and Confidant.  Many of her titles had to be left out due to time and space but even with all titles mentioned, she manages to have enough time to be a true Friend!



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