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YES, I'm alive.
YES, I am well and yes, still kicking.
School is set to start on Monday and if it's one thing I am first, is a mother but I haven't forgotten you. There are many reviews that I have to sort through like Leo but before I get into any of those I could not let the day go by without letting you all know what the flex will be tonight.

Trinidadians already know about Dr Hyde but there are many of you who don't.  Let's put it this way, HE'S A BOSS and he will be inside La Vendetta tonight!  This is the 3rd Memoirs event to hit South Florida and I believe that the two prior gave me wonderful memories and hands down two of the BEST times that I've had down here.  The mood as well as the pace is just different.  You can read my Memoirs review just to get a little feel of the event.

Hope to see you all there!
Listen to this little clip in the meantime.
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