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This has got to be the most genius idea for the entire Miami Carnival season!  A prejouvert party.  There have been many a people (myself included) that have either missed a portion of jouvert or have missed it completely because they've tried to 'stay awake' at home and have ended up falling asleep just before the hour they were scheduled to be awake.

I remember living in Brooklyn.  Raleigh Place and Church Ave was always full of excitement and there was no way to miss the jouvert because the buzz was in the air, the people, the laughter, the building of the trucks and the loud music wouldn't allow it.  Not everyone has the luxury of having that much excitement at their doorsteps, especially here in South Florida.  There is no lime on every corner as it is in the BK and you have to drive E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E down here.

This is how Miami Vice the Masqueradas Fete was born.  The solution for the 'problem' is to create your own excitement and vibes.  On Friday night, the 9th of October there will be a fete that will begin around 10pm and end as a jouvert send off.  Masqueraders will be able to leave directly from Miami Vice and head straight into Miami Jouvert!  It'll be an assembly of all jouvert bands.
Let's see which jouvert band will have the biggest attendance!  It's the battle of the jouverts!  Once you go in your jouvert attire, you are given 50% entry to the fete.  That's a win win.  Let's go!!!!!



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