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Jouvert has been the Miami Carnival creeper.  This is only the 4th year of the Miami Broward Carnival Committee incorporating a jouvert into our 'Miami Carnival' festivities and it has become one of the MUST DO's for Miami Carnival!

The jouvert band that I FULLY endorse is Something Jouvert.  News was just given that has me even more excited for October 10th to reach.....  Excitement is actually an understatement!

How many of you will be on the road with Something Jouvert?
How many of you want to finally be in a band that serves TOP SHELF liquor?
How many of you will party with the stars?
How many of you want to be in the band with the MOST vibes?

Here's a little little peek of the unisex tees, optional body suits and unisex sailor hats that will be given as part of the Something Jouvert 2015 package.  Nothing too close up lol.
To be a part of this kind of jouvert vibe, email as the Something Jouvert team has taken a different approach starting with 2015 registrations.   



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