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If you haven't tasted the food from this woman, you've missed out.  Kathy, better known as "Sweet Hand Kathy" has never disappointed me.  There have been many a party I've left from hungry enough to kill and and this woman's food has saved my life.  Kathy has 24 yeeeears of vending under her belt.  She has sold food outside and inside parties, has catered for many and catered just about all types of events. The largest catering job she's had to date was for a crowd of 4000 people.  Kathy has started doing this just out of her love of cooking and God has blessed her immensely because "Sweet Hand Kathy", is a very fitting name for her cooking abilities.
Having her own location was something she has been striving for for quite a few years and Saturday, I need everyone to come out and support her.  Come out to 20316 NW 2nd Ave, in Miami, about 5/10 minutes of the Sun Life Stadium.  On a daily basis we South Floridians can enjoy the taste of REAL old fashioned Trini-style cooking.  Sit back and enjoy it the way you would if granny cooked it.  Dishes like crab an dumpling, callaloo made with DASHEEN BUSH, split peas with pig tail an rice an OIL DOWN!  When last have you had a good oil down without visiting Trinidad?

This morning I visited with Kathy and she had no 'chill button'.  Just because she likes to cook and I like to eat the entire menu was open to me.  This morning alone there was sada roti, coconut bake and fried bake prepared.   For the stuffing there were choices of okra choka, baigan choka, tomato choka, garlic spinach/spinach choka, chow mein, smoked herring, salt fish and fried King fish.  Ms Kathy tried to give me a taste of EVERYTHING in ONE SITTING hence the reason I say she had no chill!!!!  Before today's sampling, I have only had the pleasure of eating her finger foods.  The bbq chicken, french fries, corn soup and her bake and shark.  You know, after party foods as so many others have.  So she was a little excited to feed me and Lord, I can't wait for the entree sampling tomorrow because the breakfast served today tasted like home.  For the sides there were choices just like home as well.  The sides consist of tomatoes, watercress, lettuce, cucumbers and onions.   The condiments is what blew me away.  There were choices of Trinidad ketchup, a mustard sauce that she makes from Trinidad mustard, shadon beni sauce, cucumber sauce, tamarind sauce, regular garlic sauce, spicy garlic sauce, calypso sauce and a pineapple rum sauce.  HALF these sauces she couldn't bring while on the road!

What you can expect tomorrow from 11 a.m.-10 p.m.:  
  • Pure vibes 
  • Free giveaways all day
  • Lots of food sampling all day
  • Mike Andrews broadcasting live from 12pm to 3:00pm on the 880AM Biz
  • Yolanda Henry, the founder and President of The Miami Broward One Carnival Pageant will be in attendance with her beauty contestants.
  • Special guest speaker from Caribbean Airlines coming to speak
  • The Mayor of Miami Gardens
  • Chairman of Carnival Committee
  • The Silver Star Steel Orchestra
On a regular basis: 
There will be daily lunch and dinner specials.  The lunch specials will include *but not limited to dhal, white rice and curry chicken, chicken pelau with coleslaw, stew chicken and chow mein served with your choice of peas and rice or white rice.  Dinner specials also include *but not limited to macaroni pie, stew peas, callaloo, curry bodi, lentil peas, potato salad, geera pork, coo coo, steamed fish, dumplings, Trini-style Chinese fried rice, pepper shrimp, salt fish and provision, chow mein and paratha (buss-up-shot).  There will be no dhalpourie roti as Kathy wants to shy away from the 'roti'.  She believes that the majority of 'un-Trini's' feel that all Trini's cook it roti.  So this is also her way of educating people, letting them know that the cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago consists of more than roti.  Aside from all foods previously mentioned, there will be doubles, bake and shark (not catfish) and soup served all day,.  To wash it down, there will be drinks like orange/grapefruit juice, sorrel, mauby, peanut punch, banana punch and sour sop EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Many food establishments start off GREAT!  They get all their praises, then the quality of the food begins to suffer. Kathy's food has remained unchanged from the day I started eating from her all the way til this morning and I just HAD to get the word out.

You know I'm all about the kids.  Bring them as this will be a family friendly event.



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