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With all the Miami carnival festivities, the planning of events and normal every day life, the distribution schedule of Euphoria Mas completely slipped me. You see, I was the designated mook assigned to collect my daughter's costume.  I wasn't even playing mas in the band but designated simply because I reside in south Florida and live close to the mas camp...

With all the odds stacked up against me, I had no choice but to call and beg these people to not sell my child's costume because after all, I promised her that I would get it and it would be no one's fault but my own if they did.  I just didn't have the time.

Let me begin by first saying, Euphoria Mas was never notified that I (DCARNIVALBABY) was calling. When I called, I gave the name of my daughter as she was the masquerader.  As low key as I am, the majority do not recognize my voice and my house number is unrecognizable.  NO ONE has it.  While on the phone, I simply and honestly explained that I was extremely busy and could not make the assigned day and time and that I wasn't even sure when I would be able to make it because of other commitments.  I was thanked for calling and making them aware of my hardship and then assured by Mariano that they would work around MY schedule and not to worry that I will have 'my' costume.  Little did he know that it wasn't mine.  He took note of the name given to him and told me when I got into the camp,  that I should ask for Ria.  Looking for Ria was a win/lose situation.  Lose because I knew Ria personally and if there was any hiccup, I wanted to experience it as a typical masquerader without favors.  Win because Shine and a team of 20+ was waiting for me and if there was a hiccup, I could get in an out with speed lol.

When I got into the camp Friday morning, I was rushing.  Shine was waiting. I needed to be in and out and if anyone has collected a costume before, you should know that when you're in a rush, that is when things always go wrong. As I saw Ria, we did the normal greetings and there was a little small talk.  I admitted to the real reason of me being there and she was surprised.  I too was surprised when I gave her the name of my daughter.  As I gave her my daughter's name she showed me a Euphoria Mas box sitting lonely in the corner ready and waiting for me to collect!  Ria then asked me why I didn't contact her directly. I told her because it slipped my mind but truth be told,  I needed to experience this as close to a typical masquerader as I possibly could so I could then blog about it.  I wanted no special favors or treatment and Euphoria Mas had passed!  I can't express how much of a rush I was really in.  So much of a rush that I didn't have time to check what was inside of the box but when I eventually got home (after Shine),  I was in awe.  Each piece of the costume was individually wrapped in plastic.  Down to the mug was wrapped.  I've only experienced this type of distribution in Trinidad. NO WHERE in North America and I was impressed and oh how I loved the mug! Apparently Soca Paradise sponsored the drinking mugs because their logo was generously printed on it and again, I LOVED IT!  It was a covered mug and would have been the perfect accessory for jouvert.  It was a mug designed for hot beverages but that cover SELL OFF and whether it was originally designed for hot beverages or not, it would hold liquor quite well!
(check out the mug/cup)
With a wonderfully made costume and with everything in tact, my daughter hit the road like a boss.
(Regal Pheasant ~ Backline)




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