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Seeing as I live a doorstep away from Plantation and we're used to seeing large displays of Christmas lights in New York for the holidays, the family gathers annually to see the Hyatt Christmas display in Plantation.  The Hyatt's literally go to the North Pole and bring Christmas to South Florida!

Once again, The Grinch (the city of Plantation) has decided that the homeowners Mr Mark and Mrs Kathy Hyatt who live in a quiet cul de sac on 14th Street are causing too much havoc and are coming in the way of emergency vehicles and neighboring homeowners from getting to their own establishments.  What is now known as "The Hyatt Extreme Christmas" has been a family tradition for decades in the Hyatt family and it's such a shame that it has such negative people in the world that would try putting an end to something so innocent.  The only thing that the family asks of spectators is to bring/donate a can or non perishable food to donate to the Broward County Food Bank or to make a donation to The Humane Society of Broward County (they're animal lovers).  So the Hyatt's have no financial gain in doing this other than seeing others benefit and a hefty light bill at the end of the month.  As previously stated, I find it to be a shame.

Although the city finds the public display to be a nuisance the Plantation police have been working with the Hyatt family by shutting down parts of the street to accommodate the onlookers and will continue to do so until the courts instruct them to do otherwise.  So on Black Friday if you'd like something pretty amazing to do with the family, you can park at the Grace Bible Church Plantation on 901 NW 12th Ave and walk for about 10 minutes.  I promise you, it'll be worth it.

For more information o donations and hours of 'operation' you can log on to The Hyatt Extreme Christmas' Website.




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