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Happy Monday all....I do hope you all had a safe yet eventful weekend!

Well..... we all know by now that I am extremely good for making plans then get into a physical fight with my bed.  Sad to say, the bed usually wins. The initial plan was to go to Soca Paradise over the weekend but I just wasn't able.  I'm telling you, they don't call me DCARNIVALBABY for nothing.  The super strength I muster up for carnival dwindles down right afterward, it festers then builds up for the next carnival.  So if it isn't a carnival, it's never a guarantee with me.

I did get an email however from someone who'd rather remain anonymous which read:  "Rebar is not that small but there were too many people.  I'm sure we violated some fire codes.  The DJ's acted like they were banned from playing 2016 (and even 2015) soca.  Bottle service was annoying because they don't have high top tables so when the group next to us has a normal height table it cut into the dance area.  Spills on the floor were not attended to.  Yuck.  Only two bathroom stalls is not enough for the people.  Free parking is a plus.  Drinks were cheap.  I had one under $9."  - Anonymous
With this being said (read), I was not there and can not comment on the actual event but I can comment on what was written to me.  From reading it is clear that this patron had issue with the venue and song selection from DJ's.  

As for the venue:  The rumor report is that the use of Rebar will not be repeated for Soca Paradise HOWEVER, this is just the rumor report and don't quote me on it.  

In the case of the DJ's:  DJ's get vibes just as crowds do and although it is literally their job to know all new music, some/most may simply decide to not play the new Soca.  Let me explain. Sorry to say but South Florida is STILL getting majorly hype off of P-A-L-A-N-C-E! *Sidenote, once I for one hear PALANCE in a dance.  I am the FIRST person to have a seat or lean on the wall.  I AM PALANCED OUT AND IT'S TIME EVERY DJ IN THE PHACKIN WURRRRLL LET IT REST IN PEACE! The song was wonderful, it got us moving!!! Hell, I don't know any nation of people who haven't 'palanced' but oh gawd, it has run it's course...............years ago.  Let us hear it and get excited because it's not played every weekend since when? 2009?  Especially for those of us who were in Trinidad that year.  Sorry, I lost myself for a minute.... The masses have yet to hear and learn the words to the new Soca and it has those who stand straight up, don't move or walk out of fetes once they hear too much of the unknown.  Which DJ do you think would want that type of reaction from their crowd? Who wants to be responsible for everyone walking out the fete? Forever known as DJ Run Crowd? No DJ that wants work again, that's who. 

I understand that it was a carnival send off party and the name of the fete is Soca Paradise but DJ's do have to please the majority and I believe that South Florida on the whole, just isn't ready yet. Look at me, I've heard only two thus far and carnival right 'round the corner.



  1. Good morning Dcarnivalbaby the sundown crew had a great thank you party area out doors lots of room and rest rooms. On us27 area and djIchunesent.Intl. would rock the house.. need to ck him and the crew out. Js

  2. I do not host events Unfair, only attend them. Hopefully it is read by who it needs to be read by and they take your input into consideration.

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