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GenX Red Antz' Jouvert party was the first launch I've attended for the Miami Carnival season and there is so much for me to report!  This fete was almost a no go as I had family in town but how could I miss the very first band launch?  Whether it is a jouvert or mas band, it was a launch and while I have health, strength and I'm invited, I AM GOING!

The venue was in Medley which is a longer drive than I'm used to but it was worth it.The location turned out to be perfect as there were no residents to interrupt because it was in the back of some warehouses and a gun range I used to attend. While walking to the fete, no lie I felt like I was walking to Customs fete in Trinidad and that in itself gave me a feeling that I can not describe. I got to the fete a little before 1 a.m. and it was already in full swing.  I figured there were about 7/800 people at that hour and everyone was already soaked in water and paint as the powder clouded the air (and every one's hair).  Beautiful jouvert vibe.

The DJ lineup was bananas and to be honest, I don't know who was playing or when.  I do know I kept hearing damn good music and not too much of the talking. Bonus!  The DJ's present were Sheldon Republic, LL Cool Blaze, DJ Ziah, DJ Nocturnal, Sinistar and Steelie Back from Florida's Dream Team and Ryan Spartan from Trinidad. One of the surprises of the night was that DJ's Sinistar and Steelie Back came to the event, played music and entertained the crowd.  Seeing as they had an event of their own in Hollywood, there were many naysayers who didn't think they would have made it to the jouvert but that was dedication at it's finest!

The models displayed they're 'costumes' a little after 2:30 a.m. and that too was filled with surprises! Before bringing the models on stage, the announcer let the us know that there will be 15.....  count them, FIFTEEN sections within the GenX Red Antz Jouvert Band. There will be TONS of glow paint, powder, water and CO2. They have added a SECOND MUSIC TRUCK to their band and have now added a sub bar for the road!! I was waiting to hear that they've included a wee wee and a rest truck because that seems like the only things missing...  I guess next year.
(this is how my clothes ended up)
There were green glops of paint that spewed out of tubes on the floor by the stage.  I wish I could have uploaded the video.  That paint caught not only me but my phone.  So appreciate the photos that you are about to see, I literally went through hell an fought a few jab jabs to get them. Some of what was captured in the video was captured by drones.  Yes, they had a drone hovering over our heads.



iCandy is a hot pink section brought to you by iCandy Jouvert from Trinidad alongside DJ Greg Entertainment.

Gyalavantz is a white tee shirt section brought to you by Island360

Forget the female model, the male models stole the show.  They were THE eye candy!  They both came on stage with Gyalavantz tees but they ripped them off of their equally ripped bodies and the crowd went wild.  The men in this section will be the eye candy and the women will flock.
Fyah Antz
Fyah Antz is an orange section being brought to you by Avion Andrews
I don't remember much about this section's presentation.  Nothing bad but nothing spectacular that would make me remember them.  Really bad or good, I'd remember.

Wild Antz
Wild Antz was a purple section by Sheldon Republic & Natalie

This section was just wild.  The tee shirt didn't have a chance.  Cut to perfection and just behaved wild on the stage.  I liked it.
Sun Antz
Sun Antz is a natural color tee shirt brought by Wayne & Jerel Ramsey

Bite It
Bite It is a black section brought to you by Alastair Khan & Exotic Blends

AYE, YUH SEE BITE IT! Bite it have REHL REHL VIBES! The model modeled a pair of shorts with the section name "BITE IT" printed on them.  This section leader did a great job with this one. From my understanding, this is not something that comes with the section but should you want this done, I am pretty sure you can contact the section leader and arrange to have one of these panties/boy shorts made if you're not able to do it yourself.
Crazy Antz
Crazy Antz was a surprise.  This gold section is being brought to you by none other than the 'it' place to sit down, take a drink as you lime all while eating a roti.  South Florida's own Joy's Roti Delight! YES, they in the jouvert band too!!!

Bacchanal Antz
Bacchanal Antz is a lime green tee and is brought to you by Bacchanal Radio and DJ Chris.  I was so blown away by Joy's Crazy Antz section I completely missed this section. Sorry.

Spartantz *is a different orange than Fyah Antz and is by Craig & Carnival Chasers.  I did not miss this section but I do not have pictures of it.  It was at this time that the GenX Red Antz Gods decided to blast me with some more of that glow in the dark green glob of paint.  This one hit me directly in my face along with my phone... I wiped it off like the trooper I am and continued to enjoy the show.

Mad Antz
Mad Antz is a tropical blue that's brought to you by Debbie, Donna & Gail

D Soca Antz
D Soca Antz is in a Royal Blue.  D Soca Antz was the biggest surprise to me of the night.  Not only did they have one of South Florida's most sought after models *that wasn't the surprise but the section is brought by none other than D Soca Ranch. The surprise *to me is that Soca Ranch has extremely close ties with Island Gems Mas.  Island Gems Mas had a jouvert band for 2015 named Disorderly Conduct and with Soca Ranch having a section with GenX Red Antz Jouvert, it has a girl wondering if there will be a Disorderly Conduct jouvert band for 2016.  Anyway, enough of that.

Just as with "Bite It", D Soca Antz had one of their models model in a tutu.  I do not believe that the tutu comes with the jouvert package but I am sure you can contact any of D Soca Ranch representatives whenever or wherever you see them.  They have a publicized lime at the original Soca Ranch location and if you miss that, you're sure to see their food truck at a fete near you.
Bad Antz
Bad Antz modeled a sport grey colored tee and this section is brought to you by M1 Sound
This is how Bad Antz came on to the stage........

Bad Antz didn't seem bad at all.  They giggled and hid their mouths the entire time they modeled and I am sure it will have some baddists that will register in this section but if I were section shopping that night, the demeanor of the models would make me overlook this section.  Jouvert is a time to get on bad and they just didn't do it for me.

Bachac is a bright yellow tee and is brought to you by Annie and Ymogul
This lady in the black tee.... this is Annie.  Throughout the night she seemed so quiet and conservative.  Imagine my surprise when Madam La couldn't contain the mad blood and rush the stage.  *She wasn't a model!!! Lol

Hear nah.
Yuh see this section.
Nothing skimpy.
No tee shirts were cut up.
No one did splits.
No one wine down to the ground.
Man an woman come out on stage with rag.
Paint guns.
Jab jab helmet with horns.
Safety goggles.
All kinda bacchanal!!!!

*****There is a private section that is so private that they did not model their section on Saturday night but that section belongs to none other than Trini Jungle Juice!

The final section that displayed is the section that needs no introduction.  The main section RED. RED is the original section of GenX Red Antz Miami Jouvert.

They went IN!

And this ladies and gentlemen, is the whole ANTZ COLONY!!

Sections to look out for within the band/will sell out fast will be:
  • Bite It *they may bite back
  • D'Soca Antz
  • Bachac
  • RED *if yuh ain't red yuh dead
  • Trini Jungle Juice
I could put money on that.

The registration link is currently open
You can register now by link by clicking 
Registration prices WILL NOT stay the same.
GenX Red Antz Jouvert is catering for 3,000+ people this year and from the early band launch date, you see they waits on no one.  If this is your jouvert band of choice, my suggestion to you is  get in your section.  




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