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EUPHORIA MAS.  What can I say about you again?
You've managed to grab two of the most sought after carnival mas designers on the globe....
What more allyuh want? LOL

I got to Soca Paradise around 12/ 1ish in the morning and just like last year the parking was the worst. I can understand why they're sampling different venues.  While we were parking, we witnessed cars being towed but just like last year, we found our secret spot and were parked in no time.  The line was non-existent again. Kudos!! This night was turning out A-OK!  Once inside, I got lost in the crowd and had to fight my way backstage.  The place was packed!! Guess I wasn't the only person who was excited to see costumes of the first carnival band to launch for Miami Carnival.....  Wait, let me take that back. There was another band that launched on Saturday night in Lauderhill named Natural Disasters.  I'll leave that right there though.

In alphabetical order, here are your warriors.


Different.  The leg pieces look like plants grown deep in the Amazon.  Not that I would know but I can imagine.  The model was in the middle of putting them on so they weren't fit correctly on her legs.  Luckily I got a quick pic.  I like them!

The amazon green looks like a warrior (to me) and I see more "Gladiator" in this costume but I don't work for Euphoria.  The green is more like where they'd live.  I'm loving the flesh color underwear used.  That naked effect will kill people dead on the road that Caribbean people have gone completely mad and will be doing double takes.  The detail and embellishments are well put together.  The cut outs and the gold used on the frontline bra is a big plus. I love how the gems are placed directly on the panty and it doesn't come with a belt.  Amazon is a nice and safe costume.  Nothing to not like about it and was a favorite among the patrons.  It also happens to be one of the sections that is going fast.

Playful, pretty and naked.  Perfect for carnival!
I'm guilty of loving this tattoo almost as much as I love the bra! This is a beautiful tattoo of the Hindu deity Ganesha and I think the picking of THIS model was genius! The way this bra was made had me in awe. Look closely at the professional picture.  The bra looks different doesn't it?  The model CHOSE to wear her bra like this and gave it that extra umph that it needed to sell off!  She had just enough coverage to be fully covered with the sexy 'underbreast' showing. Versatility,  I LOVE IT!
Here goes the unforgiving panties again.  I see we aren't getting away from these starvation costumes but hey, it works for some of you.  I however LOVE TO EAT... There is no belt. No belt is okay for me to see on people but depending on the costume, I'd need one.  Seeing as there is nothing covered, I'd leave this sexy number for the young people, for the brave and for the flawless body women because every pound I own would show.

 I have many more male costumes with close ups.  That link will be posted later throughout the blog.
Unfortunately the props DO NOT come with the costumes which would have been a nice touch. There were swords, hammers and shields.  I didn't take any pictures of them because they weren't coming with the costumes.  When I asked about them, I was made to understand that with liquor in the bloodstream of masqueraders, costume props can turn into weapons really quick and Euphoria Mas didn't want to endanger any of their patrons, masqueraders or onlookers which is completely understandable.  Same reason why we no longer get standards....for the young people who don't know what a "standard" is, it was basically a stick that came with your costume (similar to a broom stick but taller) that was decorated to match your costume perfectly that women used to wine, jam, abuse (by dancing) or poke a friend that couldn't hear them when music was too loud.  Ask someone older, I don't have the time.
This is the real Gladiator costume.
Gladiator is pretty and safe.
Just like the others, it leaves no room for food til mid October.

It seems like every year I have to correct a band/bands for incorrectly naming one of their costumes. This year the costume in Euphoria that needs renaming is Inca.  I-N-C-A?  NO.  This section is listed in Euphoria Mas' pamphlet as I-N-C-A when it should be named HORNAH!!  There's no warrior named Horn? Mmm, oh well.  Should I ever play in a costume outside of my home band, this is the costume I would horn with.  Inca/HORNAH has strapped legs just like Gladiator but there is something about that rainbow color combination along with the straps that just lures me in.  It sexy for yeeeeeaars! The colors are exciting and bold! The frontline bra looks comfortable and practical (as you will shortly see).  The frontline body doesn't have the crisscross action that the backline does but THAT PANTY IS FIRE! The backline to this costume is probably  IS THE ONLY BACKLINE I WOULD EVER CONSIDER wearing because I could put it on in my sleep and STILL SLAAAAAAY! Leave it to Richard and Anthony.....
(BACKLINE WITH COLLAR) *collar is additional
The right eye of the model, which would be the left eye in the picture is covered by her HAIR.  I've gotten enough flack about it but I needed you all to see this costume.


What I love so much about the frontline bra is that it is simple and effortlessly sexy.  Any size breast could comfortably fit in this bra.  I should have taken a picture of the back but I was lusting over it too much.  Sorry.

This panty is trouble.  Click on the pic for a larger image.  Ladies who register in this frontline leavin wid EVERYBODY man on the road.  Lol, when allyuh man leave allyuh for a woman in this section, REMEMBER I NAME IT HORNAH!  This is the most expensive costume in the band and it's worth every cent.  Ladies, if you plan on being on the road with your man for Miami Carnival, please register in this section so he goes home with you because he will be leaving with someone in this section...ok, ok, I'm done.

My hornah men lookin swanky too!  Okay, I'm done for real.  
no information given

Sorry but I couldn't obtain a professional picture of Karma nor do I have any information.  They came backstage last and with all the people back there, it became confusing.  I found out the name of the section after they modeled and couldn't get any information because I didn't know who the designer was. I couldn't ask for pricing or anything.  If this is the costume that interests you, my suggestion is to contact one of the three numbers listed below.  My thoughts on the costume....I think it is safe.  The colors are pretty but it doesn't strike me as a warrior.  Very pretty though.  It too will sell.

Again, not a fan of black costumes but this costume does it for me.  The frontline moreso than the back.   
Anyone seeing that you'd have to surgically remove inner parts to fit into this frontline costume?  It's okay, I do.  This headpiece is once again simple but effective.  The feathers look like dried leaves.  I don't know if this is the effect that the designer was going for but it works in the midst of wild warriors.  
Another costume that could have very well fell into a gladiator type theme and looks like a warrior to me!  The gold will look frickin amazing in the Florida hot sun and I can see why this Frontline is already sold out!  Oh, you didn't know?  NYX Frontline is officially SOLD OUT!  I advised you people to NOT wait on the blog.  The FULL GALLERY of close ups could have been found on the DCARNIVALBABY Facebook Page.  All of these photos have been posted there.  Euphoria Mas' Website has been up, running, accepting registrations and has ultimately SOLD OUT of this costume.

*still available 

Do you see what I'm talking about with the dried leaves.  Beautiful!


I'm not a fan of brown costumes either for my own personal reasons.  I mean, I am a dark chocolate every day of my life.  I need color.  This section is another popular one in the band and is selling fast. At the launch, the model did a quick head shake and the crowd went wild!  It's a mohawk.  The professional pictures do not show the mohawk but, that's what I'm here for.

The hat part of the headpiece conveniently ties in the back and fits very snug. It was made in such a way that the masquerader could jump up without having to constantly hold the headpiece.  Great design!

The animal print was a pleasant surprise for me.  I thought it would have been a boring brown costume but there was some brown and gold bling, animal print and pheasant feathers to jazz it up.  I just wished that some of the Soca Paradise crowd could have seen all the detailing of this costume. Full gallery can be found on the Facebook Page.

FRONTLINE: $495.00

I admit, I have a love hate relationship with the Toltec.  What I love are the stones applied to the costumes.  They're everywhere.  They have been placed on the headpiece which gives the headpiece a royal appearance.  Placed on the neck the neck piece looks like an expensive necklace.  No need to look any further for matching accessories because it's already there.  Most designers give you a flimsy set of jewelry that match the costumes yes but they look like they could have been purchased from a dollar store.  I hate that.  It's better to give nothing at all but these....they look like actual time was spent to hand pick and select them.  Thank you Richard or Anthoney/both.  Nothing comes off as a quick pick me up but sought out then chosen.  What made me not like this costume was the exact reason my homie loved it!  I hate football and hate the Miami Dolphins even more.  These colors reminded me of the Miami Dolphins and that's the reason my boy loved it and is actually ready to pay for his wife's costume lol, go figure. To each his/her own.  Whether I like it, love it or hate it.  I bet money it sell out!

(Spirit Of The Aztec)
Frontline: $500
Backline: 350
This costume needs a little explanation..  When I attend these band launches, I take my picturs of the models backstage, before they get all sweaty and flustered.  After taking the pictures, I join the crowd so I can get their reaction to what is being modeled.  So, AS SOON as I saw this costume, my initial thought was um hmm.  Richard and Anthony. Fantasy. Cleopatra.  After I took my pictures, I was outside doing a brief survey of my company's thoughts on the costumes.  Apparently, many people had the same thought I did about Aztec.  I picked my words wisely when asking Cassy about that costume and thank God there was an explanation for the similarities.  Cassy played in Fantasy for Trinidad Carnival 2016 and played in a section that was NOT Cleopatra lol.  She had costume envy! Damn that Richard and Anthony again.  She played in a section not belonging to them, then damn near kicked herself for it.  Here's her chance and why not?  She has her own band!!
*who caused Cassy's costume envy lol
As per Cassy's request, here is Spirit of the Aztec with a twist of Cleopatra.


So there you have it, for those of you who were excluded from Fantasy in Trinidad and watched Carolyn and Dalia parade in their Cleopatra costumes, you have a chance to get in with Euphoria Mas.  Do you see the signature bling again in the head and neck pieces?  Richard and Anthony can not hide their work!  If this were my section, I'd find a way to recycle that neck piece/necklace!



Cleopatra or not, I still love this costume.  The name fit it.  AZTEC.  Spirit of the Aztec.  There's nothing much to say about it other than I love this costume.  It's no Inca/HORNAH but a great runner up lol.  Sorry, I'm already in love with HORNAH! No turning back.



Bring out the Indian in we!  Spirit of the Comanche demands attention with that bright yellow.  Love it.  The frontline has a massive headpiece that I appreciate and the crowd loved the entire section.  They made noise for the Individual, the Frontline, backline and male.  

With mas as with everything else, everyone has different likes from dislikes.  What may be perfect for you, may be an abomination for me and vice versa.  I did love last years presentation "Uncaged" more as they portrayed BIRDS.  Birds have feathers and I love to see all the feather glory.  Mas portrayal isn't always about feathers and beads but about a THEME and how that theme is portrayed through the costumes. How can you not have feather glory when portraying birds?  How many warriors should have feathers?  Feathers and bling sell and let's face it, they have a job to do and that is to make the masqueraders happy.  So warriors with feathers it is!  This is as pretty as warriors should be.  All in all, this is a pass for me with this Warrior theme, I get it. Some won't but I saw the vision and I like it.  There's not much more to say because by now, you already know that Euphoria Mas is the band to beat especially now that they've come with an excellent strategy by launching before Generation X. 

Richard and Anthony have visions that come to life.  They designed warriors!  The men in the band should appreciate how much thought was put into their costumes as with most bands the men are just given board shorts, a teeshirt (less times not more), a wristband, their cups and sent on their way.  The men actually got costumes that matched their female counterparts and can feel like they're in something as well.

All sections brought to you by Euphoria Mas were designed by the bling Gods Richard and Anthony except for Aphrodite, Karma and NYX.  

For registrations, you can do a couple things.

Cassy: 9546103516
Mariano: 9549144556
EUPHORIA MAS: 7542810219







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