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In Trinidad and Tobago, there is a group of carnival mas bands that are considered 'The Holy Trinity' of mas bands.  Of this 'Trinity', you never PUBLICLY hear of the woes that go on within the bands.  Whatever grievance a masquerader has isn't shared publicly among bloggers, newspapers or social media forums however, the troubles of Fantasy caught everyones attention globally and an email was sent out to registrants of the Scheherazade section.

"Dear Scheherazade Masquerader,
The Management of Fantasy Carnival mas band would hereby like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to all masqueraders registered to play in the private section, "Scheherazade" as produced and marketed for Carnival 2017 by Richard Anthony Productions and Concepts.

Unknown to Fantasy Carnival, Richard Anthony Production and Concepts made a grievous manufacturing/scheduling error and this section was not produced in time for distribution.

It should be noted that with regards to this particular private section, the marketing, sales, production and distribution of "Scheherazade" is the sole responsibility of Richard Anthony Productions and Concepts.  Unlike standard sections where we manage the entire manufacturing and production process, Fantasy Carnival merely provides the auxiliary services for "Scheherazade" such as: music, trucks, drinks, etc.

Unfortunately, Richard Anthony Productions and Concepts misled our management team into believing that their production was on stream and that all costumes would be ready for distribution at the allotted times.  Fantasy Carnival was only made aware of the problem with "Scheherazade" on the morning of Carnival Saturday (February 25), thus, we were only able to provide limited assistance in their attempts to rectify this monumental mismanagement.

Even though this grievous error was not caused by Fantasy Carnival or our production team directly, we do understand our role and responsibility as your preferred mas band and continue to attempt to make amends for this faux pas.  In keeping with those efforts, we have created an email to address your concerns directly in private and will continue to issue full refunds to all masqueraders registered with this section, who were unable to play.  For refunds please email us at with a copy of your receipt, full name and contact number attached, so that we can expedite the process.

We thank you sincerely for your cooperation in this regard and apologize again on behalf of Richard Anthony Productions and Concepts.  We hope that this error will not ruin our longstanding, good-natured and mutually-beneficial relationship and look forward for the opportunity to make your fantasies a reality again in the near future.

Fantasy Carnival"

I've taken the time to RETYPE THE ENTIRE APOLOGY LETTER JUST SO I can place in bold "directly in private". So you see, these things happen within all the carnival mas bands whether in Trinidad and Tobago or abroad but the way in which it is handled is what sets them apart.

I won't go into the gossip of it all because the end result is the same and for what? It happened already.  What does this mean for Richard and Anthony? What can or will they do now? Only time will tell because what you can not take from them is that they are a creative duo.  Until then, we will sit and wait with the resting bitch face.

These pictures are only a handful of options within the section. 




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