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While at work today, I had the radio on my normal station (its great for listening while I work). Every hour or so, the listeners are updated on weather, traffic and local news. TODAY I was appalled.

The doctors all are following suit and are now allowing children to stay in school when they are lice infested. I know that doctors are considered intelligent people and all but this is just crazy! If an infected child is not excused by his/her doctor to stay home and is basically forced to go to school, how will the uninfected children be safe and stay uninfected? Lice are very easy to catch or spread and very hard to get rid of. What do you think? Should children be not only allowed but basically forced to attend school once as the parent can prove the lice are being treated?

For one of the MANY stories posted today alone you can click the link:

Its a shame that the school boards feel the need to pull children out of school for utter nonsense, yet when they have something like LICE they are urged to come to school and spread it. Maybe if children were in school for "teacher planning days" and "professional 'study' days" they wouldn't feel the need to force these infested children into school.



  1. thank god. its about time they trashed that policy. i hate taht. i want my kids to go to school even if they have head lice in their head.



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