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Oh my goodness what a night!
I wasn't even in Trinidad last night for the long awaited band launch of TRIBE/ BLISS and there was just soooo much going on right here in my bedroom! I attempted to watch the live feed that the infamous Sauce of through had online but my computer wanted to misbehave. It was constantly going in and out and it was so frustrating that I just decided to just wait on her review and pictures after the launch.
From her pictures I got to see the costumes that were for the most part DEAD ON with the WARRIOR theme. These five pictures were captured from TRIBE's website and I have 2 favorites. My first favorite is the 1st picture shown XI'AN WARRIORS frontline OR backline. The 2nd favorite was the 2nd picture posted, PERSIAN GOLD frontline.
Not much to say other than that as I choose not to comment on costumes that I did not see in person. The other costumes posted were of those that I found either VERY sexy or caught my attention. All in all though, two thumbs up for TRIBE! Lets see the madness begin in a week or two for the bands registration process. Good luck!

Who knows, I may just be a XI'AN WARRIOR or PERSIAN GOLD for Carnival 2011.



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