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As a new blogger, I had to promise some of my friends and family alike to NOT blog about them, their personal experiences or the "little" things I 'overhear'. But for the 1st time (and probably wont be the last) I have to break that promise.

Okay, let me just put it out there that before Christmas of 2009 I have never waxed ANYTHING and after doing so I vowed then, that that one time would be my first and last time. So my dear friend just became an esthetician and joined onboard with SPA CELEBRATIONS. SPA CELEBRATIONS held their grand opening yesterday at 6pm and I promised that I would come in eventually but what a better time than the GRAND OPENING? So naturally, I didn't tell her I would be coming so I could be unexpected. To expect nothing and blog EVERYTHING.

Upon entering the spa I was in awe. The place looks really nice and homely, at first glance of the color combination of the purple, teal and chocolate then the general set up, I instantly thought DISCOUNT. Not discount as in the place looked cheap but that I would need a discount to be able to afford the wax and facial I was about to receive. I noticed an array of refreshments but didn't have time to help myself because the owner, a quite happy and bubbly spirited lady took me for a quick 'tour' of the place explaining a little about the place and where I'd be getting what done. Generally, SPA CELEBRATIONS is a family orientated spa. They cater to the entire family. I didn't too much question about men as MY husband wouldn't be caught dead in a spa. After my 'tour', I went off with my esthetician Ms Clara 'Pinky' Ruiz (who by the way was surprised) who then began to pamper me. After vowing to NEVER AGAIN be in a chair to have a Brazilian done, there I was again. SMH. Ms Ruiz assured me that everything would be 'just fine'. I am no regular or professional so she explained to me that the products used at SPA CELEBRATIONS were more gentle on the skin and YES, THEY WERE. Both my wax and facial had me at a new understanding of where, who and what used to do any kind of body therapy can determine how good or bad of an experience you have.

Overall, SPA CELEBRATIONS has proven to me that skin care, products and definitely price makes a pampering completely doable. On average, not too many people can smile after a Brazilian. I am not one of the girlie girl types that does this on the regular cause if I said I was I'd be lying to you. But, for every carnival date that I plan on being in attendance, SPA CELEBRATIONS can count on me being there. Next up, September for Labor Day!!!

You can visit SPA CELEBRATIONS @
1850 NW 122 Terrace (Taft & Flamingo)
Pembroke Pines, Florida 33026
(in the Pillbox plaza next to Alice's learning center)
Hey, that's how I found it too LOL



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