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Who's zuming who?

I don't know HOW I didn't see it before, especially with all the excitement surrounding the breakaway band from Island People called YUMA but I just discovered that YUMA will be causing a bit of a stir. LOL. YUMA and SPICE will be holding their official band launchings on the same day! It will be rather interesting to see what will happen that night. YUMA has the advantage of being the newbie band that will want to go that extra mile to try wowing and wooing the crowd. They also have people designing for them that other band leaders would rather they NOT have and are pissed off that they do. I mean designers that have worked in both TRIBE, SPICE and ISLAND PEOPLE!!!!! SPICE has the advantage of being around the block a couple times and when I say couple I really mean couple. This is only their third year! In their 1st year SPICE did GREAT with their customer service, prices and most of all costumes. Which leads me to their downfall, I don't know if the success went to their heads but the 2nd year with SPICE was nothing but a set of horror stories and many people are just too threw with them. The downfall to YUMA is in part what their advantage is, that they are just that.............a newbie band. Urgh! I wish I were in Trinidad right now to witness both bands unfold. I would be like the chicken with no head running from one launch to another. Well, I will let you know what I find out! Which one will YOU go to if you were in Trinidad?




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