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I've had this topic on my mind lately and I just could not shake it for the life of me. Maybe its been on the mind so much because I have seen it, heard it and watched it done repeatedly for the past couple weeks by a coworker and I just felt it in my heart to blog about it.
I sometimes sit back and wonder what in the world would make someone literally HATE another. I mean is it really hate? Could it be jealousy or envy? A combination of both? I don't know but I have witnessed haters in all types of situations, whether it be in the workplace over positions, in the clubs over who looks better than who, even envy on my favorite blog in the world over costumes and bands. SMH
In the Webster's II New Riverside University Dictionary the word 'hater' is defined as a person who feels great hostility or animosity toward. Wow. Sounds like to be a hater you have to use a lot of time and energy.
Here are some examples:
*A person making $9 an hour at the workplace yet driving a shiny BMW and goes home to a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house yet refuses to go out and eat with his co-workers. What do you think?
*A family, new to the neighborhood has 7 children. Both mother and father in the house are of medium skin complexion and look completely Negro. The children range from a very dark to an extremely light color with a range of very short to very long hair. The very short of the darker children and the longer belonging to the younger children. What are you thinking?
*Neighbors notice a young woman in her early 20's driving a nice Nissan, Maxima, always coming and going at unpredictable times and she carries two cellphones. Whats on the mind?
*Dude hasn't worked in two years but never missed a car payment on a Mercedes Benz, none of his two mortgage payments, a child support check and ALWAYS looks as clean as his car on the streets. What are you thinking?
*Lastly, a mother with children in her home with no visible father. What's on the membrane?
All cases above are actual people I know and it's sad how things are perceived and they are hated on.
The individual was born into money. As a wedding gift his parents blessed both him and his wife with keys to their home and a brand new car. Its their paid off vacation home. He wants to be a man and work for what he has. His wife is pregnant and not working. They have no medical insurance from work and between the doctors bills and everyday bills he can not afford to eat anything but what his wife cooks at home so he brings lunch to work.
HATERS SAID: The people at work said that he thinks he's too good to go out with them for lunch.
The mother is of a Negro descent and the father is of a Negro and Chinese-Indian descent. Some of the children took more of the Negro side, some of the Indian and others of the Chinese. GRANDPARENTS play a bigger part in this DNA game than the average person would think. The two with very short hair cut their hair as soon as they were old enough because their hair was the longest of them all and they hated it.
HATERS SAID: Not all the children belong to the father and they've seen her stepping out.
The woman driving the Maxima has two phones because 1 is her personal phone the other is her job phone. She is a case manager and does lots of work at home and doesn't need to leave the house unless she has clients to see. Her car looks great, but why drive in the heat.
HATERS SAID: She has no job and she has a man selling drugs.
This individual ALWAYS thought ahead and felt he had to provide early on for his family because he has a heart murmur and wasn't expected to live past 21. So, when he got his first job he invested and dabbled in the stock market and was able to live off the dividend checks until he started to work again.
HATERS SAID: He's a drug dealer.
Point blank. She's a grieving widow trying her best to hold strong for her children.
HATERS SAID: She's a single mother. She has a 'baby daddy' or a dead beat dad is in the mix.
Listen, the good book says to "judge not, less you'll be judged!" Stop hating on one each other. Stop judging a book by its cover. I know it exists with all nations, creed race and color. But please people, now is just not the time. We are in a recession and people affected don't need it. Unite, come together and stop thinking about what the next man has or how he got it. Think about ways to uplift and bless one another. Ask a question, you may be surprised by the answer.



  1. Haters make the world go round. It boosts normal people to do better. If there was no hate there wouldnt be any ambition, diversity or equilibrium. We strive to do and be better. Please continue to hate my confidence and strength.
    Let's think outside the box people:
    England hated on the U.S for independence.
    Rusell Simmons hated on Diddy for signing B.I.G
    Fox News hated on Obama all through the election
    Natzis hated on the Jews
    The list goes on and on.

  2. Well said and very true Ravi! Thanks for continuing to read :-)



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