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Well, the wait is STILL not over, later today is the band launch of not one but TWO long awaited bands. The newby band Y.U.M.A. (that I myself am DYING to see) and Spice! YUMA came up with the ZODEAK (ZODIAC) and Spice has Season 3.....The Signature Collection. I don't know about you but I am excited!!!!

I for one am Pisces and have all kinds of visuals of how this wild yet loving and sensitive sign will unfold within the YUMA ZODEAK! I'm seeing that the minds of these designers have been busted open this year and EVERYONE is thinking 'outside of the box'. Can you imagine what YOUR ZODEAK sign will portray? As for Spice and their Signature Collection, I have honestly never been disappointed by the look of the costumes coming from Spice and if I didn't already have a band of choice, would have probably played in a couple of them. I just can not imagine what a 'Signature Collection' would look like, especially when its only their third year. Not to down play the band or anything, I just can not imagine what it could be.

YUMA did the smart thing and will be having their band launch aired LIVE and DIRECT!!!!! You can watch it in the comfort of your home on The Sauce! (Saucy of This is the trend now with all the bigger bands now as they are understanding of the fact that many of the overseas masqueraders sometimes can not afford to take a trip for the band launches but would still like an opportunity to take a look first hand at potential costumes. Spice (for some unknown reason) will not be coming to you live, so you will just have to look out for pics from the World Wide Web or their website as it comes up.



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