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Racial Registration for 2011

I cant really give names of all involved but it has come to my attention that when a potential masquerader contacted a particular designer within a popular band to find out about the registration process and so on, the designer told the potential masquerader to send a picture of herself to 'see' if she fit the 'criteria'. They didn't ask what her name was or what her measurements were but to send a picture of herself. WHAT!!!!

The first problems I heard of was that in many of the other bands, people claimed that the photographers were only taking pics of the light, bright and damm near white people. Island People photographers were repeatedly accused of this along with TRIBE. I never really had too much to comment on that because I've always gotten my fair share of attention from the cameras but I do listen to what I hear and remember most of what I read. I guess personal experience makes you look at things differently. Now this is just too much! Designers are now designing for a particular creed? You have to look a particular way to be a masquerader in this band? I mean, if you have a personal preference, do you have to be so BOLD FACE about it? Masqueraders. You have the power to make a change. Will the fear of not being a part of the 'in crowd' or the desire to just be in a 'hot band' make you just hear the madness and pretend it wasn't said or done? If I were to reveal the band, would it matter to you? Come on people!!!! If I for one, was denied the opportunity to play in a band or section of choice merely because of the size of my waist or breasts, complexion or the texture of my hair, I would not only NOT play in the band but I'd make it my business to let EVERYONE know WHY!!!!

Listen, I have heard a lot of horror stories from people that I do not know on carnival pages and blogs but to actually know someone that has had this happen to is surreal! It feels like it happened to me!! You know, I am not even completely angry with the designer to tell you the truth but with the BAND. I believe deep in my gut that the 'criteria' or 'standard' was not set by the designer but the band leader. I say that because I have played in a completely different band, in a costume designed by the same designer and wasn't denied entry to the section nor did I have to send any picture of myself and was included in a section that was closed/full. Yes, the designer could have declined to these 'limitations' or decline working with the band altogether but who am I to expect that of ANY designer. I don't know what financial burdens are upon the individual. Could be why some of the popular designers design for multiple bands. *shrugs shoulders*

At the end of the day, it's a business and if one band has left a sour taste in your mouth, there are others. 2010 has announced the most newbie bands to be on the road for 2011 that I'VE seen in years. Not to mention the ones that have been in existence for years and are still standing firm. Should something like this happen to you, please, take your hard earned money elsewhere and don't feel you HAVE to stick with a band because you want to jump on the bandwagon.

***For the record, I commend this masquerader for:

--NOT sending in her picture
--Decided this was not the band for her (despite the beautiful costumes and all the hype)
--Decided to still play mas for 2011!!!!

Good for you mama!




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